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London England United Kingdom UK skinhead squaddie seeking soldiers, submission wrestlers, doctor fantasies, rope bondage, backpacking, boots and shorts gay bdsm skin motorbiker soldier boot submissive CP leather rubber military combat wrestling
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John, 5'9"/148lbs/40's (1m75/68kg); #2 cropped brown hair, slim, muscular, pa; weight trains (barbells and dumbbells), hikes regularly; wrestles and spars when possible.
Lives London, England
, Francophone, travels Europe frequently air/rail and CBR600F motorbike.
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My interests:

  1. Gay soldiers
  2. Submission wrestling and punching
  3. Leather/rubber submissive skinhead biker
  4. Pony training roleplay & rickshaw running
  5. Medical Fantasies: Medfet
  6. Competent Consensual SM Edge Play
  7. Mountain hiking and naked hiking

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