Punitive Medicine

Qualified modern clinicians would probably either deny the concept of punitive medicine as being contrary to the basic professional creed as embodied in the Hippocratic Oath or else decry it as non-existent in modern Western medical clinical practice. However there are still substantial remnants of the concept which have either passed to areas not generally thought of as medical or else continue but are unrecognised by the medical profession a punitive medicine or are justified by overriding concepts such as public health or the best interests of the patient.

Punitive medicine is where the impact on the patient of the generally accepted treatment has significant aspects of punishment or retribution. Some investigations and many medical treatments are at best unpleasant or humiliating and many are downright painful.

The context of the procedure is also important: a procedure that may be pleasurable in a recreational sexual context can become intensely humiliating in a medical situation with the attendant concerns about the patient's health. There are also associations of guilt.

The expectation of the patient by clinicians is a degree of subjugation and contrition by the patient. Medics are not generally expecting a sexual response, for the patient to "get off" on the humiliation aspects of the procedures and treatments they prescribe any more than in more brutal times the award of a sentence of corporal punishment would have been expected to arouse a sexual response in the prisoner. But a sexual response to the clinical situation is unlikely to change the medical outcome so I see no moral or practical inhibition to enjoying treatments if we can. There's no difference between getting off on sore buttocks from a jab or sore buttocks from a caning.

The following table lists some medical procedures with their interpretations in a punishment context.
This is for information only and not recommendations for treatments; for real ailments, see a real doctor.



Intimate examination

How many people do you drop your trousers for?

Fasting cholesterol blood test

Doctor is checking you for fat so you have to not eat for 12 hours before blood test


Punishment/treatment and control: removal of ability to control bowels
ie forcible regression to infancy/childhood or geriatric.

Dental repair work: tooth drilling and filling

Punishment/treatment for not brushing teeth and eating too many sweets.

Intimate shaving

Shaved genital or perianal hair prior to an examination or as part of treatment for lice etc

Blocked ear, especially when  caused by attempting to remove ear wax using a swab

Rather than syringe blocked ears immediately of cerumen (ear wax) clinicians order a lengthy period of treatment intended to soften the ear wax but the effect is to worsen temporary deafness

Plaster cast

Control because your have broken a bone

Sports injuries especially repetitive strain type injuries

Limited sympathy from clinicians when they classify sportsmen who overtrain as "obsessive"


Punishment/treatment for physical inactivity.
Anal penetration including sigmoidoscopy and inflation of the rectum and lower colon

Gonorrhoea, chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases

Instructed to abstain from alcohol whilst on course of antibiotics.
You are still infections until the course is completed; the antibiotics work pretty much as well if you drink alcohol but the medics assume you are more likely to have sexual activity if your inhibitions are reduced with alcohol so on this count they instruct you to abstain.

Syphilis treatment: deep muscle injection to buttocks

Punishment/treatment for sexual depravity.
Treatment requires patient to expose buttocks for painful injection.
Discomfort and humiliation effect are similar to caning..

Tetanus injection

Punishment/treatment for playing in dirty mud.

Sedation – “chemical cosh”

Punitive psychiatry and Soviet psychoprisons eg the USSR’s Gulag as portrayed by Solzhenitsyn and Podrabinek, etc

Pharmacological "highs" Some prescription drugs have side effects which can be pleasurable, eg hallucinatory or pychotropic experiences or sexual arousal.

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For real ailments: see a real doctor.

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