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Manhunt exercises for gay soldiers

squaddie John captured and tied to a tree with steel hand cuffs and leg cuffs

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Escape and Evasion Exercise

There aren't many rules for escape and evasion exercises except that a great deal of fun can be had more safely without firearms or edge weapons (knifes).

Escape is one matter, successful escape includes evading capture. The techniques of pursuit and evasion either solo or as a group, are outside the experience of most city-dwellers. Working together outdoors, man to man as a closely-bonded team is a great experience. Outdoors and under pursuit, our adrenaline starts running faster and our senses and instincts become reactivated. Evasion of skilled pursuit is also a great intellectual challenge.

In a recreational or military sm fantasy context there are many "games" which can be played out pretty much for-real so long as some sensible ground rules are laid out and obeyed.

Requirements for a manhunt

I've played successful escape and evasion games at night in a pine forest divided into a square grid by tracks every 500m. The rules we used were that two teams started off in opposite directions to go round the same square. Inevitably they would meet: back-tracking was not allowed. Each team member had a letter and did not know the others' assigned letter. Put together these made a word; winning was defined as correctly reporting the password to our van-driver - he acted as umpire.

Pine forests at night are super-dark even if there is a moon, it's also difficult to move silently. Bush-whacking through the interior of the pine forest was impracticable. For added interest we wore NBC respirators - "gas masks" - which make you hear and see differently and feel kinky or spooky, depending on your point of view. The respirator also gives some protection to the eyes against twigs in the dark.

Two groups of three set off. As it turned out, both groups used different patrol strategies: one up front and two behind or three strung out in a W pattern across the track. One group moved fast, the other failed to work out that the initial period was a golden opportunity to gain ground.

The first contact was between the scout of the red group and the number 1 of the blue group and they lot contact with their respective groups, and so - with nothing to loose - they buddied up to make a third group out to get the others! The three-way fight that ensued eventually added considerable confusion...

War dogs: tracker dog and attack dog

squaddie John with French-trained dog Drakaar and radio

Dogs may be known as "Man's Best Friend", but your enemy's friend is also your enemy. Compared to man, dogs have more sensitive sense of smell and more acute hearing.

The most intelligent breeds can be trained to recognise and obey more than a hundred commands, like French army trained Drakaar (see pic).

An army dog trained to silently track a human can follow a scent left by a squaddie many hours previously, never getting close enough for the fugitive to realise he is being pursued until the dog handler decides to launch an attack.

A dog can outrun a human over short and medium distances.

An attack dog can swiftly and silently pin down a human fugitive, immobilise him so that he can be safely taken prisoner.

There are a few text-book strategies for evading pursuit by dogs; in my experience they are ultimately ineffective but fun to attempt...

Night sights can provide a similar intensification of the abilities of the trackers if a trained dog is not available.

Some Search Patterns

Hand-signals are used in a pursuit situation for silent communication between searchers.


Contact with the "enemy" happens eventually. The nature of the fight depends on what is safe. Man to man wrestling and unarmed combat outdoors is fun but may be dangerous. Electric stun guns are an option. All's fair in love and war so it may be more effective to bribe your opponents...

Resisting Interrogation

Interrogation is a skill and so is RTI, resistance to interrogation. Coercive questioning is another word for interrogation.

The old advice to tell only "Name Rank and Serial Number" is now augmented to include date of birth. Giving any further information offers an opening to conversation that can be exploited by a skilled interrogator to extract information.

Beware of other strategies designed to confuse or wear down a prisoner: repetition of questions, offering of choices between the lesser of two evils and "what's the use" type reasoning.

Whilst some wearing down involving physical discomfort and/or mental distress is regarded as a necessary preliminary to a session of interrogation, escape and evasion games aren't an excuse to beat up the opposition or prisoners nor has brutality been proved to be effective at obtaining accurate information quickly.

The defence of following orders, the "Nuremberg defence", was absolutely unacceptable at the war crimes trials after World War II. The distinction is unclear between illegal torture and legal coercive questioning and interrogation.

Illegal recruit abuse

Escape and evasion exercises provide NCOs with opportunities for initiation rites and abuse away from supervision by higher ranks. The justification proposed for this is that it prepares recruits for the rigours of patrol and combat, however it can become criminal.
The following are translations (thanks Dave) of testimonies published by Colombian national army soldiers showing abuse that probably constitutes criminal actual bodily harm, definitely not consensual sm.

They took us to the top of the Training Centre and sent us to groups of 4 or 5. These guys grabbed us and thumped us, put us inside the group and then punched us until we yelled out -when they stuck mud and cowshit in our mouths. They taped our hands and eyes and carried on hitting us, then stung us with nettles. They hit us with the heel of their boots on our legs, our arms, our faces and our stomachs. I begged them to stop hitting me but they carried on. Later they led me along a pathway to where there was a bonfire. There my section chief Tarazona took me by the neck and back of my pants and held me over the flame. I felt as though my face was burning off. They burned my arm with an ember, and then when they saw my tattoo on my left leg they said they were going to get rid of it. The put a branding iron on it, like they were marking cattle. I screamed at them not to burn me and they laughed. Private Jairo Cubillos

I felt a hard blow on my back. It was in an area covered in sand and like they say bullshit. They booted me and kicked me around like a worm. I don't know who they were. Later they took me to another part of the initiation which was feet and fists. But they didn't kick and punch me, instead hitting me with sticks. They hit me a lot. They stopped and made me sit down next to a blazing fire and started to burn me. My chief, Tarazona, told me to kneel down and whipped me across the back till I fell face down in the pool and then they pushed my face to the bottom. I saw when they put Sanchez's penis in the face of Mejia and in Sabogal's mouth. Then parted Mejia's buttocks and stuck a stick in him. Private Graterol

They booted us to the ground and started to kick us. They stuck salt in the mouths of anyone who yelled out. They were kicking us for something like ten or fifteeen minutes. Then they gave the order to move and put our arms across our bodies and tied our hands at the back. They didn't hold me over the flame. They grabbed me by the neck and stuck my head in a pool where they bashed my eye against a rock. Then they threw me in the river and my chiefs Lora and Ramirez pushed me to the bottom. Lora took my shorts off and said he was going to rape me. He put his hand on my backside and kept on pushing me under the water. Later they put a rag round my neck and tightened it from behind so I was choking and that's how they kept me in the river. Later they took me out of the river naked. I wasn't wearing any underpants because I didn't have any. They took us over to some rocks and started to hit us with bottles filled with earth. Monroy stuck ants in my ears and up my nose. Then chief Lora together with Acosta grabbed Sabogal. Acosta grabbed Sabogal who was curled up on the ground and pulled down Sanchez's trousers, sticking Sanchez's penis in Sabogal's face who just tried to bite it. I could see from beneath the blindfold. Seeing as it wasn't working with Sabogal they went after me.
They made me sit and put Sanchez's penis in my face and rubbed it hard against me. I was wearing a sweatshirt and as it was falling off Acosta took me and stuck his gloved hand up my anus, and then his knife. After this chief Lora came over and speared me with a stick up the arse and yelled that he was going to rape me. Lora after having rubbed Sanchez's penis on me, kneeled down in front of me, grabbed me by the ears and stuck my face in his crotch shouting "Suck it!, suck it!" Private Andres Mejia

Escape and Evasion for gay soldiers

Manhunt exercises can be slanted to emphasise different aspects or phases of the scenario.

Capture, physical interrogation or forfeits may be particular interest to gay soldiers with military sm and bdsm interests.

In a limited-time situation, you have to move to win, even though staying still may ensure you remain undetected for longer.

ripped combat uniform, ready for forfeit

Some variations

"The Prisoners' Dilemma"

A classic of game theory, one statement of it is as follows:

Two suspects, you and another person, are arrested by the police. The police have insufficient evidence for a conviction, and having separated the both of you, visit each of you and offer the same deal: if you confess and your accomplice remains silent, he gets the full ten-year sentence and you go free. If he confesses and you remain silent, you get the full ten-year sentence and he goes free. If you both stay silent, all they can do is give you both six months for a minor charge. If you both confess, you each get six years.

What strategy is best for each individual and what strategy will ensure that the two of them spend the least combined time in custody?

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  4. Game Theory

The above techniques are all readily available both to the army trained and in manuals that are widely distributed. My intention in publicising them in my own words here is to raise the level of awareness and skill of those participating in squaddie games and soldier fantasies for the greater fun and fantasy-fulfillment of all parties. I have no interest in politics or weapons nor the commercial or military exploitation of these techniques.

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