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Medical Examinations Bulletin Board

Subj: nerve examination

WRT writes: This happened to me several years ago. My small finger on my left hand continued to go numb and would tingle, so my doctor sent me to a specialist. When I arrived at the office, the nurse took me to an exam room and told me the doctor would be in a few minutes. After a couple of minutes, a nice looking middle aged doctor came in and checked my fingers, hand, and arm. He said he thought most likely it was a pinched ulner nerve-being pinched in my elbow and thus causing my finger to go numb. He then said he needed to do a further check up and told me to remove my clothes and put on the exam gown-I thought this was a bit odd for a finger that was numb-but then he said if I was wearing any underwear, I needed to be sure and remove them.

Now I'm beginning to think something's up, but since my doctor had referred me to this doctor, I didn't want to say anything. After a couple of minutes the doctor came back in and got a stick pin and lightly touched my fingers and my hands and then my toes and my feet. He then told me to raise my right leg straight up in the air, which of course immediately caused the gown to fall down to my stomach and pretty much exposed my cock and balls. He never looked at anything other than my leg and foot, so then I start thinking maybe this is normal. He then tells me to put that leg down and raise my other leg-of course, the same thing happens-cock and balls totally exposed, but again he never looks at them at all.

After a few more sticks with the pin, he pulls out the stirrups and tells me to put my feet in them and slide down near the end of the exam table. After I do that, he very gently pushes the exam gown up on my stomach so I'm totally exposed at this point with him sitting between my legs face level with my cock and balls and my feet in the stirrups. He never touched me inappropriately and I never saw him looking at my cock and balls, but after a few minutes I'm starting to get turned on and my cock starts getting hard-it was totally hot, but VERY humiliating. He continued to push on my legs, my feet and my toes.

Afterward he was finished, he stood up, but left my legs in the stirrups. He then rolled his chair beside me and very gently laid his arm on my stomach and barely put his elbow on the tip of my cock, which was not fully erect. He very slowly explained how the ulner nerve could get pinched in my elbow and how that would cause my finger to go numb and said the only way to alleviate it would be minor surgery. The longer he talked, the more he would very slowly and nonchalantly move his arm and elbow so he was barely brushing it up against my dick.

When the exam was over, he told me I could get up and get dressed-and that's when I realized at some point during the exam he had taken my underwear-he never said a thing about it and neither did I; however, I decided this was so hot, that I put my socks on first, then my shirt, then my watch and finally very slowly put my pants back on-the entire time he just stood there and watched. Looking back on it, I wish I had been more aggressive and starting stroking my cock during the exam-maybe next time.

Subj: hernia examination

I once made an appointment with a real doctor for a physical.

I was instructed to strip and put on the robe, he left the room. I stripped but did not put on the robe, I just wanted to be naked in front of him for the whole exam.

When he returned to the exam room, he said that if I would feel more comfortable, that I could put on the exam robe, but that it wasn't necessary and that the robe just got in the way anyway. Since he didn't insist, I said that I was fine and the exam proceeded. I was having a difficult time avoiding an erection.

The more that I thought about how embarrassing this would be, the more I wanted to get hard. Finally, I decided to let it happen. As I started to get hard, I apologized to the doctor. I told him that this had not happened before and the I was very embarrassed. He told me that it just happens sometimes and not to worry about it, so I let it get as hard as it had ever been. I wanted the exam to take forever at this point.

He did the hernia exam and the prostate exam while I was fully erect and even let his hands brush my dick a few times. He made no comment about it and continued as though this was fine.

He had me on all fours for the anal exam and I was dripping with pre-cum. I don't remember ever feeling so aroused as I did on the exam table, stark naked and fully erect.

While examining my prostate, he asked if I ever did self examinations to check for testicular lumps. I told him no and he told me to remain in the all fours position. He removed his rubber gloves and examined my testicles from behind. He was very thorough at this and remained very clinical, which was perfect for me. I was so aroused that my Dick was pulsating while he touched my testicles.

At this point, he had me stand from the table and again felt my testicles for lumps. He finished and said that he had completed the exam, and that I could get dressed. I sure didn't want to. He paused, glanced at my erection, and asked me if I would like to have a few minutes alone before dressing, and reviewing my exam results.

He was actually telling me to masturbate if I wanted to! I thanked him for understanding my need at the moment. He said that he would come back in a few minutes and turned to the cabinet and picked up a roll of paper towels.

This was my chance. I just had to experience masturbating in front of him so started to stroke myself and when he turned pack toward me he saw me jacking off! He laid the towels next to me and said that he would be back in a few minutes. I laid back on the table and masturbated. I was in ecstasy. I considered not cumming so that he would catch me still masturbating when he returned, but I couldn't wait any longer. I came more than I ever had.

I laid there for a few minutes, I didn't want to move. I picked up the towels and he walked back into the room! He actually stood there and watched me wipe the cum off of myself. As I did this he said, "well, you certainly needed to do that, didn't you?" I answered yes and told him again that I appreciated his understanding.

He told me to just lay there and relax and he then discussed my exam results with me as I laid naked on the exam table. When he had finished, he told me to get dressed and see him in his office when I finished. I went down the hall to his office and he answered my exam questions.

When we were done, he said to take it easy and that he would see me for my next exam, and I left.

I called back about six months later to make an appointment with him and found that he had set up a new practice and there was a new doctor who could see me. I was disappointed that he was gone, and to find out that he had relocated in a different state. I have never had this opportunity again and it has been twenty years.

Subj: sigmoidoscopy

Thought I would share with you the way the sigmoidoscopy used to be done a few years ago before the advent of fiber optics.

You are instructed to prepare yourself by inserting one adult size glycerine suppository before you retire to sleep. You will awake in the middle of the with an urgent requirement to use the bathroom. When you arrive at my office for the examination you change into a gown. You will receive a series of enemas from my assistant to ensure that you are thoroughly cleaned out.

I'm going to have you disrobe, you can leave your boots on. Exam table in knee chest position.

Now, kneel and rest your chest on the table, I place leather restraints on each wrist and cinch them together with a belt pulling them snug, so you are hugging the table. Then the table is raised to a comfortable height for me to do my work on you, then tilt your head down so your anus is easily accessible.

The sigmoid scope is made of stainless steel approx. 2 ft long and approx. a quarter size in circumference. I grease it well with KY, and begin the insertion, instructing you to bear down so I can push through your sphincter muscle.

Ordinarily we take a little time here but I want to get this done. With one quick shove I go in four inches to the turn in your sigmoid. You feel pressure on your prostate as the cold steel presses both prostate and bladder, you feel like you are going to piss and I can see a slight discharge from the head of your penis.

As I press on going around the turn in your sigmoid colon you start to experience intense spasm, we are almost finished: how are you doing down there? I notice beads of sweat on your forehead, but I can't resist pressing down on the scope against your prostate and bladder, bringing a guttural groan through you lips, which sounded a little like pain and pleasure.

I slowly extract the scope, and wipe away the KY with a 4x4 sponge.

You may get up now. I notice you are semi erect. Have a nice day.

Subj: examination

When I was a junior doctor in the UK (some time ago!) I was phoned one night by the nurse on a ward as she said that some guy was complaining of abdominal pain. I went up to see him, a Somali sailor (I trained in the port of Liverpool) and drew the screens around him. His description of pain didn't make any sense but as I was palpating his abdomen he started to get stiff. It was obvious that he was feeling pretty horney and just wanted some fun, but what could I do, seperated only by a thin screen from the nurse who was sitting at her desk in the middle of the ward? The sailor didn't speak much english SO, I just gave his cock a squeeze (and it squeezed back, as they do!) and signed to him to have a wank and get his load out. I told the nurse to leave the curtan around him as the, albeit, small light at her desk was bothering him. Should have gone back in 10 minutes to inspect his cream, but I felt knackered.

Further real life contributions welcome

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