You Must Do This Before the Age of ... or You'll Always Regret It!

Ten legal experiences I had, with no regrets, before the ages of 25, 31, 41

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squaddie John aged 25

by Twenty-five

  1. Wear a cock ring for twenty-four hours continuously
  2. Stay out overnight without a tent above 1000m on a mountain with a mate
  3. Jack off on a pair of new boots at the end of the first full day of wearing them
  4. Hitch-hike for a month; Inter-rail for a month with a mate and a tent
  5. Spend one weekend as a sex slave and the following weekend be accused of being kinky when requesting a vanilla sex mate to use olive oil as an anal lubricant
  6. Confess to passing on crabs
  7. Take a #1 skinhead crop
  8. Fire a rifle on a CCF range
  9. Legally ride a motorbike at more than a ton on an autobahn
  10. Learn and use the techniques of escaping from a strait-jacket and picking handcuffs behind the back

squaddie John aged 30

by Thirty-one

  1. Accept a Master's orders to wear a butt-plug for twenty-four hours continuously and wear a male chastity device for a week
  2. Appear naked and chained on an SM magazine cover
  3. Wrestle a stranger: winner takes the looser
  4. Enjoy a Blind Date in a foreign country in a foreign language
  5. Accept a permanent body modification - Prince Albert
  6. Spend a night in a strait-jacket
  7. Stay in a barracks overnight (but only in the guest accommodation)
  8. Be interrogated for real
  9. Learn to march, stand and to bull boots for inspection the army way
  10. Take a serious caning without crying

squaddie John aged 38

by Forty-one

  1. Go drinking with serving soldiers of a foreign country's army wearing the same uniform as them
  2. Organise gay military training at the bunker
  3. Resist an interrogation during PoW training (prisoner of war)
  4. Spend a night in a jail cell, spend a night in a wooden box 1m x 1m x 1m
  5. Endure sixty hours hooded, no eye holes, fed only on pizza
  6. Backpack hike New Zealand and the Rockies above 4000m
  7. Hike naked
  8. Wear a black skin-tight latex rubber one-piece suit on the streets of Amsterdam on the way to and from a New Year's Eve sex party
  9. Wear a Japanese (Hojojutsu - Nawa Shibari) rope harness for a week
  10. Take a serious whipping and cry afterwards

Still not done and no regrets either

  1. Jump with a parachute out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft
  2. Apply to join the French Foreign Legion
  3. Gunsex - sex with a loaded gun
  4. Fight as a Roman gladiator in a historic arena

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My New Year's resolution 2004: to only jack off in either half-squat or abs crunch position. So far this has resulted in greater fitness not less masturbation! Either position produces quite enough pain and demands concentration and they are both good muscle training.

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