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Many organisations now run induction programmes that attempt to instil a new set of values in recruits. These are mostly following the authoritarian basic training routines established by the military boot camps, taken up by the religious sects (or the other way around!) and now established as part of corporate human resources policy. Boot camp programs are also being used to attempt to correct deviant and criminal behaviour.

The bootcamp principle is to take a group of people away from normal life and to return them to productive life with specific values and culture. Brainwashing was an extreme version notorious in the twentieth century Cold War, clearly a human rights violation.

Some components of an induction programme:

These situations expose a delegate to be more likely to accept a new set of values if these are offered. Ready availability of socially acceptable drugs such as alcohol also assist in lowering inhibitions.

Group pressure is important in giving approval to the process and isolating individuals.

The desired result of a successful induction course is a group of individuals with common values and knowledge. Downsides are a loss of independence, individuality and creativity; the ability of a recruit to question the aims of the group is diminished; destabilisation of identity may be dangerous.


In an erotic context, these techniques can be used to facilitate or force changes in the personality of the recruit. Group activities are difficult to achieve in civilian life but the changes wrought are more deep-seated and long-lasting.

In a consensual recreational context, one on one situations are more common and these attitude adjustment techniques can be used with a consensual, erotic intent.

mental health is as important as physical health: the changes induced by "brainwashing" may be permanent and/or undesirable.
"Brainwashing" techniques can be dangerous and should not be attempted without experience, care and consideration for the recruit who is the subject.
For this reason this page specifically omits crucial details of the procedures that may be used for successful "brainwashing".

Examples from my own experience:

  1. A Master discovered that, despite being his willing SM slave, I had a severe dislike fear of corporal punishment and used a combination of sensory deprivation, the Stockholm hostage syndrome, and brainwashing techniques to get me to a point where I would beg him for a beating. The beating he administered was designed and intended to leave me sexually unsatisfied and begging him for more strokes, which he declined to administer.
    I found thereafter that I craved corporal punishment and that CP had become an erotic activity; I have had much pleasure from the erotic connection between pain and sexual pleasure since.
  2. Another Master was disappointed that I as his slave did not enjoy piss play (yellow). He constructed a situation of dependence and worship and used this power relationship to start a piss scene whilst I was "high" from other SM activities that I accepted. This ensured that I accepted the piss play that he wished to inflict on me but the effect has not been permanent.
  3. A militarily-trained Master ordered me to be his slave. He arranged a meeting in a pub, where he gave me padlocks and chains and told me to lock them on my waist, cock and balls. I did not have access to the keys and he said the keys were not with him.
    He bought me several drinks in quick succession and then took me to his car. I was hooded and ordered to repeat a phrase continuously while the car moved for many minutes. When we arrived at the destination, headphones were placed over the hood which played some music mixed with a recording of his voice frequently repeating other phrases.
    He moved me from the car to his play area and tied me up and started bdsm play. The techniques he had inflicted on me in transit induced severe disorientation, humiliation and consequently passivity; the SM scene rapidly became a failure and I insisted on stopping.

(I note on re-reading these descriptions that I have written then with some distance between myself, my memory and the Master who attempted to "brainwash" me. I believe this is a long-lasting defence mechanism against these powerful and mentally threatening techniques.)

Has anyone ever attempted to brainwash you in a consensual SM context? Did you realise it at the time? Do you regard it as mental rape?

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