5BX / 5BXCP fitness training

Five Basic Exercises personal fitness training developed for the Royal Canadian Air Force

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The 5BX personal fitness plan was developed for the R.C.A.F as a progressive fitness training plan based on scientific principles.

5BX fitness training is designed to be carried out in limited space, without equipment and unsupervised. The simple exercises are structured to not require a warm-up and to train the body in a balanced manner. You start at a very low level and build up within your own capabilities. Resist the temptation to jump straight in at a higher level.

One day's exercise should be completed in a total of eleven minutes, thus the plan can be integrated into normal daily routine and does not require a trip to a gym.

The 5BX charts are available on these sites. There are two formats as the flexibility can make 5BX look intimidating in the original format.

Please note the safety precautions associated with these exercises, especially sit-ups. However even the currently unfit can safely benefit from the 5BX. Most adults are likely to find the exercises in chart 1 very easy. Nonetheless it is worthwhile progressing through them as a safe preparation. Adults other than sportsmen in training will find an exercise level in chart 2 or 3 or 4 which they can achieve and maintain.

Maintaining motivation becomes a serious problem with repetitive exercise. Variations introduce variety. One way of introducing variety using 5BX plan is to establish your personal standard and then vary it by performing one session a week in NBC kit, including wearing a respirator (that civilians call a gas mask). Performance drops due to poorer oxygenation. Exercising without a jock may also cause a score drop drop due to lack of support for the genitals... try it at home: 5BX exercises deliberately don't need much space and the bouncing and squashing may be fun!

You should check your own health and physical condition before attempting any physical training. If you attempt these workout plans you do so at your own responsibility and risk.


5BXCP plan is derived from 5BX with the addition of CP for motivation. Although designed for regular use it is also suitable for occasional special use as a test or when an instructor is available to encourage, monitor/record progress and administer CP. It is expected that scores of 5BXCP are enhanced due to the additional motivation.

As 5BX with the following additions:

Clothing suggestion: start in normal gym kit and drop one item of clothing per exercise.

Regular training with 5BXCP should improve GSFT performance.

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You should check your own health and physical condition before attempting any unusual physical activity. If you attempt to emulate these workout plans you do so at your own responsibility and risk.

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