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Domination submission relationships

SM isn't limited to the chains and cuffs of prisoner technology. Domination submission situations exist elsewhere and can be just as real.

Blue collar SM is about power and kink within manual or craft trades situations. Sometimes it's obvious who is the Boss: he who hires and fires. Elsewhere it's unclear: who's the Boss in a lorry cab, the driver or his mate doing the map reading or are they both wage slaves to the haulage company?

In a temperate climate a man wearing shorts means man ready to work. Sleeves rolled up and shorts show off the brawn that's ready to work and the boots that kick the dirt. Yes Boss.

Workgear is horny, it's primarily protective clothing so is heavily functional. Different trades have different requirements and its often possible to guess the trade from the gear.

No hard hat, no boots - no job

Hard hats are usually required on site for safety and identification reasons. On larger sites there are often hard hat crew colour codes such as this:

Hard Hat Colour Codes



Surveyor or Management






Labour crew 1 : gang 1



Labour crew 2 : gang 2



Labour crew 3 : gang 3


Any other hard hat colour codes?
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Look out for the one guy wearing an odd colour hard hat: unless he's the foreman or crew chief maybe he is the gofer or subbie, the site slave. Perhaps there's a chain locked round his waist or neck, or simply a padlock hasp closed round his ballsac ... the heavy metal on his body reminds him all day who is the Boss with the key. Bondage.

Site and Work boots are designed to protect the feet. Steel and plastic toecaps are difficult to disguise so work boots are big and heavy; safety toecaps get scuffed down to bare metal and deep ridged soles pick up a thick heavy layer of sticky site mud.

Coveralls have to allow easy toilet access. Mud gets everywhere and overalls greased on the inside look just the same on the outside.

Manual work often means standing feet apart, kneeling or bending over. Just the positions to get a man to feel horny. Site gear just makes the view even better. Boots and shorts; boots and army green fatigues; boots and trackie trousers.

And then there are the tools of the trade: cable ties make handy restraints, grease and glue guns are notorious. Look in the toolbox - lots of toys in there!

Rather than the performance metrics and reviews of the white collar world, there is more immediate feedback for mishaps and cock-ups: physical punishment, verbal abuse and humiliation and making sure the Boss goes home sexually relieved. Or jacking off with your mates, having left home too early in the morning but now horny and hard after a day's labour in sweaty socks and boots.

Name-calling, prick-teasing and other provocation happens: confrontation is one risky way to deal with it. Overpowering the would-be bully and teaching him a lesson by landing a few swats across his arse maybe will make him horny with his mates in just the way he doesn't expect.

We can do the same things in SM fantasy situations or as part of home improvement DIY or domestic gardening. The gear's horny; digging a pond or filling a skip may be hard work but it gets you good and horny too. And there's something to show for it afterwards.

If you're working in private you don't need to wear all the kit... numerous tales of men painting and decorating in chains under overalls, shorts only or fully naked. But be safe - construction is a dangerous business.

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