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Boxing - sparring - milling

Six two-minute rounds is a good fun and a great workout.

"Get the gloves on and sort your differences out in the ring" was a way of settling fights among conscript squaddies doing British National Service. Milling remains a compulsory part of the training in army infantry and para regiments: milling is free fighting in a ring with both squaddie fighters wearing boxing gloves.

Securely laced in to boxing gloves, head guard and groin protectors, mouth guard and flat-soled boxing boots, you're committed to gladiatorial combat in the ring: you can't undo the laces yourself - it's a bondage situation and there's only one honourable way out: put the gloves up and box on.

Gut-punching (g-p) and butt punching

Playing punchbag

It's good fun to give or receive punches to the abs (abdominals) and to the butt. It takes toughness and practice to receive punches without flinching, even more to trade punches on a 50/50 basis with a mate. You can't take gut punches unless your abs are tensed. There's a flash of adrenalin as to receive the punches - a couple of dozen are usually enough, then a break or swap from receiving to punching.

Butt punching is different to receiving corporal punishment from a stick - sticks and belts sting the skin and surface muscle but punches get deep down to the underlying muscle. There's usually a long slow ache (particularly when clenching) to remind you of the session afterwards.

Prefer to wear combat trousers and boots or trackie trousers and trainers.

Boxing bondage adds the following from his own fight experience in the UK club lightweight dvisions

Getting ready for a competitive bout is as sexually stimulating as foreplay.

When it's your turn to get prepared for your bout, you unzip your kit bag and out floods the wonderful smell of all the leather gear inside. First you lace on your hi-top boots, then your trainer bandages your hands and wrists. You get your jockstrap and groin protector out of your bag, step into both and wait to have the rear laces of the protector cup fastened tight and knotted. Your trainer then helps you into your favourite satin shorts and club singlet and ties your corner flash around your waist.

Next to come out of your bag is your head guard and gum shield. Your coach straps down the head guard, while you wash out your gum shield. This is the last thing you will be able to do for yourself until after the bout is over. The coach now laces your hands into the tournament gloves, which are so much lighter and smaller than the sparring gloves you've been so used to in the training for tonight's fight. Finally you are ready to take centre stage in the ring.

You are dressed to box and nothing else. The gloves with their attached thumbs deny you any control of your fingers. Your hands, head, feet and groin have been laced and knotted into leather than you cannot remove. You are so helpless that you even have to ask someone to blow your nose for you! And yet you are the macho man who is prepared to enter the ring alone and do battle with an equally fired up gladiator similarly attired.

You shadowbox in the hot sweaty locker room, not only to warm up, but also to stop feeling too nervous. You can hear the crowd in the hall cheering the other fights. After a few minutes you start to feel the sweat trickling down the inside of the protector cup, head guard, gloves and boots. It tickles, but there is nothing you can do to stop it itching. Soon you're going to receive much more pain than this in the ring, and you're going to dish out far more too!

Finally you enter the ring to great cheering from your own supporters. After all the formalities are over, you return to your corner, where your coach strips you of your gown, shoves your gum shield into your mouth and slaps you on the arse as the bell rings for round one.

You jab, he counters, and then you trade some combination punches. You clinch, both snorting, your mouths full of gum shield. Your chin rests on his muscular shoulder breathing in the sweet smell of his sweaty armpit, while the groin cups rub up against each other through the slippery satin shorts. If this was sex, you'd orgasm immediately!

Challenges: I'm keen to meet to workout and weight train - click here - but I'm no longer meeting strangers to fight as two experienced mates have recently (separately) been accidentally injured through meeting on-line.
If you want to box or spar, I suggest it is safer to train and meet via one of the gay sports clubs.

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