Reports of prisoner, interrogation and military recruit abuse and "white torture" (folter)

Consensual adult bdsm fantasy eroticises non-consensual real abuse such as described in these contemporary news reports. News actuality reports at the links below are not about safe, sane play between consenting adults.

Real abuse is usually abhorrent and illegal: please do not view if you are unable to distinguish fantasy from reality.

Peter comments:
As you say, while our ideas are a bit different, they do lie on the same continuum. I think that's why I come back to your site - and why you understood my reasons for finding the prisoner abuse thing 'of interest'.

Previously I mentioned this to a couple of other (kinky) people who missed the nuanced point I was trying to make completely: that while we might condemn these techniques, as a 'power exchange' they can have a perverse apeal.

This type of appeal was in fact recognised in WW2 when SOE recruiters went to some trouble to try and avoid recruiting people whom they suspected of masochistic tendencies, out of fear that they might +deliberately+ let themselves be captured by the Gestapo etc. Though the source of this was trustworthy, I'm afraid it was some time ago and I can't give you a reference.

Generally, perhaps people's unwliingness to come to terms with this kind of thing is symptomatic of a wider reluctance to acknowledge our darker side...

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