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Tough games for rough terrains

sqauddie John tied to a Dartmoor range warning board

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  1. Stocks and pillories
  2. Forest stream
  3. slave stakeout bondage
  4. Burial
  5. Canyon rim flogging & crucifixion
  6. Rawhide strips for bondage & torture

Heightened awareness is one of the thrills of being restrained in bondage. Indoors, bondage concentrates the senses on the sounds of breathing and the movements of the bondage Top. Tied up in the open air, a sub hears more acutely the sounds of wind, trees, animals and insects; additionally vulnerable to the forces of nature the sub suffers increased dependence on his Top.

An outdoors bondage session can quickly become a survival situation where the sub is totally dependent on the Top for protection. Wind chill quickly becomes significant in temperate regions if you are naked and immobile, sunstroke, dehydration and heat exhaution are increasingly dangerous nearer the equator.

The restrained sub cannot follow the Top should he choose to move away. If the sub is gagged, he cannot even holler for help. Left restrained alone, the animals invade and the sub is powerless and cannot defend himself from even the smallest predators: the increasingly aggravating insects.

Outdoors bdsm isn't clean: there's mud and dirt. Natural forces are even more threatening. Millions of years of evolution have equipped us to survive in the wild but we can disempowered simply and effectively by removing our freedom. Then the sub is totally dependent. These "games" can become life-threatening if safety is not considered seriously. The Top is assuming responsibility for the safety of the sub and should always have a plan for safety and emergencies. As with all bdsm activities, you do these at your own risk and respopnsibility.

Traditional Judicial outdoors bondage - The Stocks and The Pillory

Magistrates could sentence miscreants to a spell in the stocks or pillories where the outraged population could taunt and humiliate the guilty.
This stocks in Wales, although now under cover, holds two prisoners side by side in an extremely vulnerable and uncomfortable position. And there's no escape for toilet breaks.
It happens to be located at the edge of the village rugger playing fields so maybe it now still gets used for rugby club initiations and punishments?

sentenced to the stocks

Forest stream

rope tied over a stream

Night-time SM in safe locations has its own attractions. Sound carries strangely between the forest trees plus animals rustle the leaves.
Restraint over a stream adds mud and cold water as more options for sub abuse, and the noise of running water covers some noise if the sub isn't completely gagged.

slave stakeout - outdoor spreadeagle bondage

We normally seek shelter when it rains: it's an instinct. Being unable to shelter from rain is peculiarly and unsettlingly threatening: being spread-eagled even more so. Thunderstorms especially: the realistic danger of being struck by lightning is small but we have instinctive reactions to rain and thunder and to be prevented from reacting intensifies our natural fear and vulnerability while the raindrops strike the naked flesh.

spreadeagled outdoors in the rain
staked out spreadeagled in the rain.
Note the fifth rope


digging the shell scrape

Digging and living in shell scrapes is a soldier's basic commando field skill, being tied up then buried up to the neck is not.
Excavation takes time and sweat. The forests round Berlin are on sandy ground that digs more easily than English clay or flint but the sides quickly cave in making deep holes difficult.

Buried up to the neck, naked or in combat kit, you're unable to move much.
Breathing becomes difficult against the weight of the soil and the cold touch of the earth relentlessly steals body heat. Hands cuffed, legs fettered or not, there's no escape.

buried up to the neck

Canyon rim crucifixion and flogging [fantasy]

Grand Canyon, Kauai
dreaming of..
Canyon rim crucifixion and flogging fantasy

A rocky, barren canyon - just the sheer beauty of naked rocks. Maybe there is a mineral such as copper somewhere down there that gave the canyon its name.
The sort of place to first encounter after a forced march through the night in chains dragging a cross.
To be crucified on the cross tied with strips of freshly-cut animal hide at the canyon rim facing the sunrise.
Back flogged raw, then left to fry and swelter whilst the grip of the rawhide tightens as it dries in the increasingly burning heat of the rising sun...

Rawhide strips for bondage and torture

Darklord writes:

That canyon looks like a great site for a crucifixion. I have a fetish about stakeout scenes -- including ants, bugs, shrinking rawhide, hot sun, etc as well as crucifixions such as you experienced on my dungeon cross.

Since you happened to use wet rawhide, shrunken by the sun, in your crucifixion fantasy, I wondered if you'd ever had any actual experience with it?

I'm corresponding with someone else and the topic came up.  I've experimented with it and my results would seem to indicate it doesn't work -- or work very much -- with what we call "rawhide," which, in fact, has already undergone a tanning process to keep it from rotting and dimensional deformation (otherwise all our boot laces would get really loose in a rainstorm).  My correspondent relates a scene which used very long, very wide (maybe a foot wide by 2 or 3 meters long) strips that had been soaked in sea water for a full day and night.

The victim was then stretched very tightly using a winch before the wet rawhide was fastened to the stakes.  The result after about seven hours in the sun was that the rawhide had dried completely and shrunk a small bit, but not enough to dislocate anything -- pretty much as a shoe or leather glove shows some minimal shrinkage after drying out after having been soaked in the rain or in a river or stream -- not much of a result, considering the victim was tightly stretched before the rawhide did any shrinking (such as it was).

I suspect it would work as described in stories about American Indian torture if you used real (literal) "raw hide," strips just cut off the carcass of a recently killed bison, horse or cow, without any kind of preservation or tanning.  As the raw skin dried, I suspect it would shrink quite a bit more than our modern, tanned "rawhide" or other leather does.  But not having a freshly killed bison around the house, that's pure speculations at this point.

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