Cock discipline

Training the cock to serve
© 2006
squaddie John


Disciplination of a male slave includes control of his cock. The male member is unruly and unpredictable when untrained. Random wanking and jacking off leads to to unpredictable motivation, mood swings and poor performance in training. Control and ownership of cock is essential for proper discipline.

The ideal is a slave with bollocks fully charged with spunk, cock half hard when resting, ready to spring to the position of attention when required and then to shoot to order. Reasonable precum and a ready "Yes Sir" attitude are also required.


Caution: the following techniques are offered entirely at the reader's risk: manipulating sexual responses can be cruel and cause dependency or behavioural changes that are difficult to reverse.

  1. Physical control
  2. Mental Control
  3. Training for optimum performance

Physical control

There are many male chastity control devices available commercially but it's also possible to use inexpensive items that are more readily available.

Physical control of masturbation is essentially denial and there is good evidence that the "use it or loose it" principle applies. If you don't cum once a week or so you're likely to find that ejaculations become more difficult and also the desire decreases. This seems entirely consistent with the way the rest of the body works: exercise keeps muscles toned, as well as maintaining levels of hormones such as testosterone.

Mental Control

Masturbation has historically been discouraged. Many derogatory slang terms indicate the disapproval of masturbation.

Male masturbation is increasingly seen as a healthy and safe practice, particularly for those in metrosexual relationships; however it becomes desirable to define what is acceptable masturbation and what is wantonly spilling good seed.

Traditional psychological control was that is was sinful to wank. Master slave control includes codes that the slave's cock belongs to his Master or that for a submissive, although he can wank himself to train his cock, it is wrong for the submissive to jack himself off. The Master or Top can progress this further by devising situations and strategies to encourage the slave to wank his cock but to defer or transfer the pleasure of ejaculation to his Master.

Slave prostate milking

Slave milking - slave in doggie position is ejaculated by prostate manipulation ("prostratic massage"). Cold water or ice may be applied to the cock and balls to suppress erection. Prostate massage drains the prostate of pre-cum but not the testicles of spunk so there is little or no hormonal reaction and the slave is functionally drained of pre-cum fluid without pleasure or emotional involvement. A significant degree of frustration remains because the semen remains in the balls but there is not enough pre-cum fluid left in the prostate to power an ejaculation.
A buttplug that is sized to jab at the prostate and worn in normal activity (eg housework) can also stimulate an involuntary ejaculation. A related torture is to secure the slave with vibrator acting on the prostate: if the vibrator is intermittent or continuous at a low level and the slave cannot touch his cock this can promote a large flow of pre-cum but not an involuntary ejaculation.

A similar procedure was also apparently prevalent in borstals as a "treatment" for masturbation (which was proscribed), however the prostate was stimulated in clinical conditions through the urethra using a long urethral sound. The ex-borstal trainee who related this procedure showed me that his urethra had been permanently enlarged by regular milking in this way. (Note that urethral sounds should be used clean and with care).

Training for optimum performance

Wank in shower, slave restrained in position but with one hand free to jack his cock; Master controls the water flow and changes to cold water when the slave is about to cum. Repeat several times...

Jack off in abs crunch position, flat or on a sit-up board. Slave only allowed to jack when shoulders not touching. Fatigue or pain will set in before ejaculation.

Jack off in half or three-quarter squat position, maybe with a weighted parachute ball harness. Fatigue or pain may set in before ejaculation.

Long term fitness training regimes
January 2007: slave mate Jody has described a long term fitness training regimes he is undergoing under his Master's control. His Master holds the plastic keys to a CB-3000 "Curve" chastity device which slave Jody has been wearing full-time. This device is reasonably practical to wear under loose clothing. Low-cut tight jeans are not comfortable nor Lycra without either exposing the outline of "The Curve" or baggy shorts over the top for modesty and not frightening the others in the gym. He's been unable to touch his own cock since November 2006. He cannot wank himself so he is maintained both with full balls and enhanced sexual desire.

The twist is that his Master is measuring the results of the gym braining and swimming fitness regime that he has specified for slave Jody Depending on results at the end of the week then slave Jody's Master either milks his slave leaving the CB-3000 in place, remove the chastity device and spunk him off, or, as punishment, do neither.

Training the slave to cum when ordered. For example slave is desperate to cum, having been denied ejaculation for several days. Master gives the order to cum but with a very short time limit such as twenty seconds. After the time limit the slave is restrained so his hands cannot reach his cock.

Multiple condoms - prohibiting the slave to touch his cock has the effect of removing human warmth. Wanking with rubber gloves or in to a condom removes the sensation of physical touch; this may increase sensitivity. Wearing multiple condoms reduces the touch sensation leaving only the inanimate sensation of the rubber in the same way as a dildo does not feel the same as a cock.

Illustration - making the "boi" dependent on Sir
thanks to Tonyboi from NYC for this

Hey John -
I found your site - and fuck! - did the masturbation training get me hard and inspired. About a year ago I met this real dad type "Mike" - very severe and controlling who really brought out the "yes Sir" side of me.
He and I were together for about a year with me living at his place on fire island for the summer - totally naked every day practically all day - living under mikes workout regimen, requirements about erection and being naked (and hard) when his two main friends John and Steve came over. Mike wanted it up when he entered a room and i presented myself and was really scornful when i needed to masturbate to get it up. He wanted it soft when he fucked me - and usually jacked me to orgasm a couple times so I might be soft while he was fucking my hole. To him it was insolence for the boi to think of his penis while a cock was in his hole and erection proved it. Other times he practised pretty rigorous cum control - with fairly long and frequent stroke sessions with rarely given permission to cum. Usually a day of on off stroking would end with being quickly brought of a couple times cause Mike was ready to fuck.
Punishment for fucking up - cumming or being hard or soft at the wrong time could follow immediately or later. Later meant a period of humiliation and worry which was a separate punishment. I was forced to acknowledge that my role while being fucked was to focus on my rectum and giving his cock its pleasure and that as much as I liked Mike being in me and on me it was all about HIM.
Punishment could be pec punches or gut punches, ball twisting or being taken over a knee in the presence of John and Steve.

J's and Mike at NY J's were a turning point for me and making me see myself as a man's boi. I've been writing about what happened.

Becoming Mike's boi

Being a boi - an obedient man's boi - is a position in life one is usually born to or brought to through violent or humiliating parents. But a man's boi can also be created. I was always a versatile and horny young guy; prone to erections at inconvenient times sneaking off to the lav for a quick jack before getting back to class, fucking and getting fucked, as I got older. Naturally rebellious and kind of aggressive I was the last guy you'd peg for a man's boi
My usual MO was to top any guy smaller or less masculine than me and give up my ass to guys who were bigger and more butch. With guys my own size we fucked back and forth. And at 5" 11" and 185lbs finding guys my size or smaller wasn't too hard- I didn't always need a pounding from some 6'2" fucker with a cock to match to get me off.
A few years ago I discovered J's and, learning more about the AIDS crisis decided that condoms and jacking were the way to go - besides where else could I find 50 to 75 guys walking around butt naked with their greased up wood leading the way? It was so fucking hot - big guys, little ones, smooth, hairy, muscular and even mature guys with gray chests - sweaty and spewing their cum in groups or alone on bar stools or laying across the pool table. Guys jacking or standing with their hands behind their back being jacked while they deep tongued a third. I was into it like a fucking masturbation freak. For the first time in my life I even started controlling my jacking off to save up spuge for the next J's session.
My best times were with an Asian/Latino boi Dave who had the body of a shaved-down gymnast - tight and smooth. He was the freakiest Jacker I'd ever met - a total exhibitionist he got me into putting on shows with him for the guys that always got us surrounded by 10-12 men and drenched in cum. If we started jacking in a corner alone it always grew into an orgy of 5 or 6 guys stroking and probing and tonguing. . He was also the first guy to get me into eating my own cum. "Shoot on me man - shoot it all over my chest". My cum covered his sweet little nipples and dripped down his deep cuts. "Lick it off my tit, lick it off" and I would run my tongue over his chest and down his abs into his navel where it collected in a puddle. Then he was at my dick jacking it soft trying to wring another hot load for me to lick off his chest.
For a small guy he had a really impressive dick, uncut with a nice heft like a billy club. He loved slapping it in his hand while we jacked, and I got off on putting both our equal size pieces together and stroking them with a big gob of lube in my fist. Dave also liked me to slide my dick under his balls between his tight totally smooth hard thighs and fuck him - it was J's after all - no anal fucking or sucking. At least twice I lost it right between his thighs losing a tasty snack and leading up to another soft dick jack from Dave until I shot on his chest and licked off every drop. He was the only guy smaller than me that I ever fantasized about getting fucked by.
Now Dave wasn't at every session and both of us made it a point to jack with other guys, keeping it cool and not getting too deep into anything with each other. There was always a contingent of older guys, some were pretty out of shape and bothered the cuties or just jacked together, a few were the hot older guys who still worked out that you knew must have been fucking foxes back in the day.
One time I was walking around with my bone up and spied an older guy I had never seen before sitting on a bar stool with his legs open facing the room. Really lean and hard, tanned and gray haired he had a nice piece between his legs that he kept hard but barely stroked. He was naked like all of us but had on black boots and an open sleeveless flannel shirt. Spying him closer the glint of a quite thick cock ring explained the unaided erection. For an older guy he sure was hot and as I passed by he gave me a look that made me stop and stand between his legs. He reached out and ran his hands down my abs to the base of my cock. He encircled the whole thing at the base shaft and balls and gave them a squeeze not enough to hurt but enough to know he meant business. "Nice Piece young man". Then he put his left fist around the base and stroked with his right. When I reached down to grab his cock he pushed my hand away. With my hands free I put them behind my back. "Good boi" he said.
For a while he stroked the shaft and worked on the head, moving my foreskin up and down. Then he took the flat of his right hand, greased it up and rubbed the top of my penis in a circular motion. At first it felt so good that I sighed out loud but after a while it was like torture. I began to breath heavily gasping from this pleasure and thought I was going to cum. I pulled back to get my dick out of his hands. With his left he just held on tight to the shaft. I wasn't going anywhere." I could do this all night and you wouldn't come- even if you wanted to. Now stop fidgeting and put your hands back behind you." I had again reached down to his penis that was standing straight up touching the bottom of my shaft. "Young bois like you need to learn to control their cocks and their hands before they start stroking with men". Now I was starting to get annoyed. Yeah this old guy was hot but he was fucking arrogant. He had taken over my dick and wouldn't let me work his, he was calling me boi and meanwhile I was standing there quivering and unable to ejaculate or get out of his control.
After a few he stopped and reached back to take a sip from his can releasing his hold on my trembling cock, I broke may stance and was about to walk off, with a "hey thanks man" but he said "and where are you going, I'm not finished"
"Excuse me?"
"Where are you going? I'm not finished. Now stand there and keep that dick up".
What an arrogant fuck, but for some reason I just stood there - like I was told.
Because of my anger my erection had subsided and I was becoming flaccid. I reached down to stroke my penis.
Quick as hell he jabbed me in the stomach - "Young jock like you should be able to keep his piece up on his own - what are you a fucking little boi."
"Fuck you man" I muttered and felt another jab to my chest.
"Weren't taught too much about respect were you boi?"
He grabbed my shaft and balls and gave a tight squeeze. I gave a yelp and felt a jab to my right pec.
"Now keep it down and we can get on with this, boi".
Again I put my hands behind my back and did as I was told. This time his jacking was more aggressive and involved a lot more handling and massaging of my balls. That led to tugging and pulling, what the fuck is he trying to pull them off. I pulled back and earned another jab to the stomach followed by a hard twist to the nuts. I let out another yelp a punch to the pec followed quickly.
Then he put three fingers in my mouth. "This should keep you quiet boi."
He was relentless alternating pain to my balls with unbearable pleasure to the head of my penis. Then long strokes to my shaft. He was an expert edger and knew how to keep me trembling at the point of ejaculation without letting me have release. Each time I tried to back out of his grab was followed by a jab to the abs and a twist to the balls. But meanwhile without my realizing it I was sucking on his fingers as though a dick were in my mouth.
Finally he said to me "What do you want boi, what do you want right now?"
"I wanta come I wanna shoot." he ignored me and continued to stroke and twist. A few minutes later as I was gasping and back to sucking his fingers he asked again. "Boi what do you want now, what do you want right now?"
"You know what I want, fuck let me come. I want to come or let go of my cock."
He shoved his fingers into my mouth and twisted my balls hard, I bit down and he gave my balls another hard twist. He continued edging and palming the top of my penis.
"Boi I'm going to ask you again what do you want"
I gasped out "I want to come Sir, please let me come Sir".
As I said the last Sir he gave my penis shaft a long smooth stroke and I shot my long awaited pent up load. I had never shot so much sperm before. My body was rocked by an overwhelming orgasm and my head felt light like I would fall over, He steadied me with his legs and let me continue shooting onto his gray chest hair. When I pumped out my last load I leaned against him my face to his face and brushed my lips against him. . He ran his hand down my back and then petted my cock, which made me flinch. "Now what do you say boi?"
"Thank You Sir"
"Good boi".
Now, usually when I left J's it was with a clear feeling that I had had some fun, gotten my dick off and had done it with some hot guys. This time I left in a state of confusion. On the one hand I had had a great fucking orgasm spewing out load after load over this hot older man's chest.
At the same time that fuckin' man - who did he think he was calling me boi and ordering me around? How come I couldn't touch his cock but he had control of mine? And that Sir -where did that come from? Right then I resolved that if I saw that fucker again I'd just walk past him.

When I got home I followed my usual routine; stripped down, took a shower and lay out in my boxers watching TV. In my half-awake half-dream state my mind went back to J's and that fucking guy. But, as I angrily recalled him my cock began to rise up and tented the front of my boxers. The more I thought about him and what he had done with my dick the harder I got. I started stroking my shaft and tried to do that palm motion on the head, I even tried twisting my balls. "Sir, Sir Yes Sir Please Sir" went through my mind and the idea that my hands were behind my back unable to reach for my own piece or his cock was arousing.
I stroked harder and faster moaning out loud "please Sir, yes Sir, may I come Sir?" and ejaculated over my stomach and chest.
I wiped up some and carried it to my mouth thinking of Dave. But his image faded into a gray chest clotted with my cum." Good boi"
The next few meetings I caught up with Dave and got into some of our old group action and, while I got off good and hard it was starting to feel sort of same ole same ole.
One night I left J's without shooting and headed over to the Baths and fucked this blond youngish guy I picked up in the hallway. Even as I was pumping my shaft into his tight little hole the words please Sir, please Sir drifted into my head. I fucked the youngish guy so hard his head was banging into the partition wall so I threw a pillow behind him.
When I finally came he said "thank you Sir." I wiped the ejaculate around his chest and walked out bare-assed without letting him cum. "thank you Sir - fuck that shit".
As much as I wouldn't admit it to myself what I really wanted was a repeat performance with fuckin "Sir".
Back at J's a few nights later I spied the gray haired man with a youngish guy a lot like the one I fucked at the club, between his legs just like I'd been .The youngish guy had his hands behind his back and his cock under the old guys control. But this time the man had his fingers buried between the boi's butt cheeks while he stroked his shaved down penis and twisted his naked balls. Come to think of it the youngish guy was completely hairless except for his curly head top. Pretty.
I sidled up to the bar to watch the performance. When the man caught sight of me he gave the youngish guy a long hard stroke, turned him around to shoot into the room and, patting his butt, sent him off.
"That's a good girl you can go now."
"Arrogant fuckin guy - damn" I thought.
"So boi how ya doing? still stroking that penis with the other bois?"
"Yea, I've been having some fun"
"But now your looking for a man to give that boi's penis what it really needs, right? I said nothing and just moved between his legs. When I did that my cock, which had softened while we were talking, got its wood back standing straight up almost touching the old guys stomach. He grabbed my penis using his left hand to grip the base and the right to stroke and tease, but I could see his mind was not totally on it. Releasing his left grip he started to pet my butt cheeks and then proceeded to open the crack between them with his hand so that he could put a finger up against the hole.
Any other time finger fucking would have been a definite addition to the pleasure of masturbation but I instinctively knew to keep the arrogant fucker out of this boi's hole. Squeezing my sphincter shut his fingers met a wall of resistance. "So boi, there's no little pussy hole there, no boi cunt for me to play with huh?"
"No Sir."
He went back to my penis, torturing my balls and indulging my head. Twice he went back to my hole while I was panting eager to ejaculate and twice I clamped down to keep this one out. "Good boi." The last time I muttered, "Thank you Sir."
Like the time before, he stroked me and twisted and battered my balls putting his fingers into my mouth and administering abdominal jabs and chest punches when I failed to respond as required. After about forty minutes I began to feel that urgent quivering of my breath that signalled an impending orgasm when a hot looking man of about thirty two came up to us and, after watching for a bit, began to handle my body. He gave my chest, abs and back appreciative strokes that were just as much some sort of an inspection.
"Hey Bill"
"Hi Dad" the younger guy said.
Both ignored me as Dad worked the shaft and balls. After a minute he stopped, let go of my penis "Catch you later boi", and turned to his son. Except for the ass pat I was as summarily dispatched as the little blond.
"Fuck him" I thought as I walked across the space and sat watching video porn, my dick limp while I focused on those two talking by the bar. Fuck that shit - I'm going to blow my load and get outta here. But, after a few minutes of absent minded stroking with another porn jacker I got bored and went up to the bar for a drink. "Dad" was alone now and turned to me: "not gonna cry now cause you didn't get your boi penis off are you?"
"Fuck that shit and stop calling me boi."
"You know if you were between my legs now I'd have ripped those boi nuts right off. But, since you're not let me explain something to you. There are men and there are bois. Some are born bois; others are men before they shoot their first nut. Some bois are even girls, a lot of 'em are. You're a boi, a real boi, and I think you know it, or at least started to know it the first time you called me Sir and gave control of that boi's penis to me. Today I wanted to prove to myself and you that you're not a girl, don't have a pussy and are all boi" I started to open my mouth"
"shut up yeah I know you fuck other bois, probably lots of bois. But it's always been bois. You've been fucked by bois too I know that as well. But being fucked by other bois doesn't make you a girl in my book either. I'll bet you haven't jacked off for sometime now without thinking about having a man do it for you, without thinking about giving up control of that boi penis to a man who knows what it and you need. Am I right boi" I said nothing and looked down.
"Boi I asked you a question, Am I right?"
"Yes Sir, I said looking down. "You've put me through a lot of trouble now stand here between my legs. Last time I asked you what you wanted, you remember?"
"Yes Sir."
"And you got what you asked for, right?"
"Yes Sir."
"Its not always that simple you know boi" I said nothing and felt a jab to my abs." You know boi it's not always that simple."
"Yes Sir, I mean no Sir."
"Today I will decide if I want you to cum and when. And if you know what's good for you, you will deal with my decision."
I looked down afraid to make eye contact. What my eye caught astounded me, his cock was standing rod straight, completely swollen and engorged, almost touching his navel, his balls too were hard and full and deep deep brown red. A small drop of precum glistened on the piss slit. It looked as though he would ejaculate any moment yet he hadn't touched his cock the whole time we were talking.
"You're looking at it like you never saw an erection before. Boi. Let me make this clear right now, you have a boi penis - don't care how old you are or how large it is - it is a boi penis - you have no real control over it and haven't any real idea of what to do with it. Up to now you've thought that if you stroke it and it comes you're a man with a cock. Bull shit."
"What you're looking at is a cock. It's under my control just like yours is. I'm allowing it to stand up and lubricate and might even allow it to ejaculate. If I feel like it. I might decide to use your hand or maybe some day your sphincter to do it. Just like your penis it belongs to me and does as I direct it. Now I'm going to use your penis for as long and in any way I choose. Your needs or wishes no longer matter. Do you understand? If you shoot there will be consequences - do you get it boi?"
"Yes Sir"
This time there was no playing around, not even a lot of ball torture -just straight solid stroking. It was like he could read my body before I could. Hard tight fast strokes alternated with slow loose ones keeping my ejaculation at bay. Jabs, punches and commands were constant - "straighten up, legs apart, tighten those abs, pull up those balls.
"Yes, Sir"
My body was dripping sweat, trickling down my thighs and back into my crack. My breathing became fast and hard but still he would not let me cum. A few drops of pre-cum escaped and he clamped down hard on the tip of my penis almost making it wilt. He let it hang loose in his fist.
"What did I tell you boi".
"No cumming Sir".
"Good boi you got it."
He stroked hard for a while torturing my right nipple and jabbing my abs when I was out of line. "Sir" No response. "Sir"
"What the fuck is it boi?" Please make me cum Sir. Please." A hard quick blow to the chest caught my breath." What do you think I'm doing playing games, boi? "What did I say when we started boi?"
"That you would decide when and if I would be allowed to ejaculate. Sir"
"Good. So there's nothing wrong with your memory boi. What didn't you understand boi?"
"Nothing Sir. I understand Sir. Thank you Sir."
His relentless stroking continued as I sweated and strained every ounce of control. After a while he let my cock go and using his knees opened my legs. He put his hand to my crack and a finger to the hole, then two then three, prying and wedging - again I knew I had to be resistant no matter how good it would feel and, that I would loose more by opening for him than if I came and was punished.
"Good boi -hah- no little pussy hole. Good boi".
Without warning he let his hand off my penis.
"Well you can go home now. Say thank you Sir. Be back tomorrow and keep that cum in those boi balls. I'll know if you don't and don't think about lying. Now what is that between your legs boi?"
"My di.- - my penis Sir."
"What is it?"
"My boi penis Sir."

I went home feeling weird and worn out. I'd never left J's without cumming unless I was going to the baths. Now my balls were aching with pent up cum, my cock kept getting hard then going down and by the time I entered the door was a pathetic shrivelled little grub. I stripped to shower off the sweat and lay down naked. My boi penis, no-my cock- began to harden and I began to stroke it. But a strange thing happened, I lost interest allowed it to lie soft across my belly while I lay there thinking about Sir, what he had told me and drifted off to sleep.
Morning came and my piss hard on tempted me to spew the cum pent up from last night. I put some lube on my dick and started to stroke, but it was as if my penis knew better than me what I needed and grew soft in my hand. A little frustrated I got up dressed and went to work. All day I thought about Sir, but my penis hardly stirred.
At five I left and headed out for a drink. Man, did I need it, seeing Dad was fucking with my head - Sir -boi-cock-penis boi dick-boi penis. Instead of checking out the bois around me I was focusing on Sir as the key to my pent up need for release. I thought about heading into the lav and jacking off into the trough, but just sat and waited until it was time to see Dad again. As horny as I was and as much as I needed to drop this load my dick lay soft and quiet in my jeans. Very odd.
He was seated in his usual place by the bar on his stool with his can at his elbow. Bill was with him talking as I walked in. He spied me as I passed and motioned me over between his legs where I automatically assumed the position. As I did so my slack penis began to harden and lengthen giving me the erection I had sought all day. For the first time in twenty-four hours my boi dick lengthened into a full erection and my balls pulled up tight. I experienced a sense of relief and weirdly even safety between Dads legs. Meanwhile he and Bill continued to talk ignoring me. Again Bill palmed my chest and abs, felt my butt and ran his hands over the back of my neck. He commented to dad what a good-looking boi I was, what lovely unblemished skin I had, how well defined I was. "Does he have a tight little cunt?" he asked Dad.
I opened my mouth, "I don't have a fucking cunt, I'm no pussy boi."
Without saying a word Dad slapped the side of my head.
"No one is talking to you boi, now stand up straight and concentrate on keeping that penis hard."
While I was between his legs now he did not stroke or touch me but let his knees rest against my torso. "He's no pussy boi from what I can see. He's a boi and 's got a bit of fight in him. But he needs a lot of training."
Bill left after trying to put his hand in between my cheeks, and meeting resistance laughed. Walking off he said to Dad "a real boi yeah" and laughed again.
This time Dad just looked me over, alternately stroking and punching my abs, twisting my nipples and punching my chest. His cock was standing straight up, but keeping mine going without his hands was tough. "Stiffen up that boi piece" and with the next jab it stood erect and throbbing. I could see Dad was thinking something over. . "This place is okay for what it is but I think I'm ready for something more boi."
"What do you mean Sir?"
"I think Dad and his boi are ready for some quality time together. without interruption and without an audience. Get your clothes and come with me." Dad gave me his ticket and I got our clothes.
As I began to dress he stopped me. "You've got a lot to learn. What did I tell you to do boi?"
"To go get our clothes Sir."
"Were you told to get dressed?"
"No Sir". I looked down.. "What else did I tell you, boi?"
"I I don't know Sir."
"Look down, what do you see between your legs?" My co..-my penis - my boi penis Sir."
"Good - and what is it doing boi?"
"Nothing Sir."
"Did I give you permission to allow it to go soft."
"No Sir."
"First lesson. The boi penis is always erect in the presence of its master. Do you understand that boi? Now get it hard. No hands." I focused on Dad and his power over me, and how it felt in between his legs and I began to achieve an erection. A real solid serious one that I hoped Dad would begin to use right then. Meanwhile Dad began to dress as I stood beside him erect with my hands behind my back. He told me what to wear." Leave the briefs and T-shirt. Put on the boots jeans, leather jacket and baseball cap. When you're in clothes I like to see the penis stretched out to the right or straight out and up. When you're in sweat pants I want it straight out -no underwear at any time. Understand?"
"Yes Sir." You think you can remember that boi? I don't like repeating myself - you don't look stupid."
"Remember you do not have permission to be limp at this time."
He took me over to the west side.

Hey John -
I just finished reading your new web page. Fucking A.! Thanks for putting down my whole experience.
I should have kept in touch abou the JO training.. Started doing the slow jack for 10 min Friday and Sat then 15 min. Like the crunches part. (Don't like stopping after a set time - the hard part for me is NOT jacking more than that - I fucking love to stroke the bone - Mike knew that and exploited it keeping his hand on it for 10 15 30 over and over and was good at stopping me. Keeping it down to just a few short sessions requires the discipline.
The optimum performance piece blew my mind. At one time I used to use the faucet of the tub to masturbate. I'd put my hard penis under a flow of hot water and then cold water and use the water pressure and some weird waggling hand motion I invented to get me off. I never heard of anyone using the water flow for cum control or to get off until you: Thanks brother.
Mike never let me refer to my penis as a Cock or dick. He usually called it "it" or your boipenis". I always had to ask for permission to handle or lick his COCK. I think that too is a part of boi training. You recognize that Dad has the Cock - the power - and that you have a penis or boipenis, an organ under his control and use. For a boi to talk about his COCK would be insolent.
Again thanks guy for posting it. I'm sitting here naked on the floor with a proud hard-on, my laptop in my lap, the top tip of my penis is touching its bottom, stroking it occasionally just keeping it up. A little precum oozing - and I don't precum a lot ever.
For me, not oozing precum means pressure in my balls builds up hard. When I masturbate for a long period some comes out and makes a super lube - I envy guys who precum a lot from the start of masturbation. But when I ejac a lot of cum and watery precum shoot out together and really shoot - which a lot of men like to see.
The bits about prostate massage and orgasm-less ejac are really interesting. I'd heard about it and seen and kinda wondered what those long skinny anal probe things were for - always thought the point of sticking things in the rectum was size plus girth!
Now I know better. Damn glad Mike never used one on me. The only time he really wanted me to cum was when he wanted to fuck me so at least I got the penis stroked to Org then! With that thing he would have emptied me and just used my penis for stroke torture!
Last thing and I'll stop going off on tangents - and then I'm off to the gym etc. In becoming a man's boi I write about first meeting Mike and not giving up my hole to him right away not even his fingers. That was sort of instinctual knowledge that a man like him would just see me as a pussy boi if I stuck out my butt. To me it doesn't really signify - lots of guys I stroke with we have our fingers up each others' ass. With Mike it was about being a manly boi as opposed to a pussyboi - but he still got my hole - and I wanted him to have it!

A Master's reaction to Becoming Mike's boi

you were right I did enjoy the story.
The mind set of the boi, his self-surprise at so much of what happened to him from letting the Master do what He did, obeying the Master, not getting hard when alone, determined to ignore the Master in future but not doing so and his anger and outrage at the Master's arrogance and so on. This slave's view of discovering slavery and what that felt like all interested Me and held My attention. The Natural Order as he knew it being changed inside himself.
Great stuff.
May it happen to many!
All too rarely are Masters ever told of the effect they have.
Not everything need to be said of course and the naturally silent say little which is fine but the story is a window onto the newly emerging slave mind and very enjoyable for that.
Master David.

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