Trophy Sex Fetish - is it an addictive fetish?

Sex Trophies

Trophy sex is remembering a good shag by keeping a bit of it for later or for ever.
Trophies are like badges that say "I shagged here" or "A shag to remember".
In a world where reality is increasingly simulated, sex trophies are tokens of sexual action in the the real world.

Engendering respect for military trophies is a part of squaddie Basic Training: the original trophies were the heavily defended standards of the Roman legions, now military Unit Colours or Pennants and re-enacted in paintball by capturing the other team's flag. Trophyism is part of military strategy hence the connection between soldiers and trophy sex.

Anything can be a sex trophy, maybe you're already a trophysex fetishist!

Sexual ecstasy being a transient pleasure, trophy fetishism appeals to our hoarding and collecting instincts. Safe sex guidance fuels the addiction - don't use toys on others.

But even good things don't last for ever. It's all too easy to end up an obsessive fetishist with an enormous collection of jocks, toys or even never-used contact numbers and e-mail addresses. And wearing a para's boots doesn't make you a para.

And are you shagging for him and the fun of the moment or to add his trophy to your collection?

Is he the trophy? Are you his trophy?

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I like to shave the chests and pubes of the men I screw--and then I save the hair in baggies. I have even convinced a few to let me shave their heads--LOL

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