The erotic possibilities of jetlag

The routine bondage of commercial air travel

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The reality of commercial air travel is pretty awful: destructive to the environment, expensive and only worthwhile as a means to visiting cultures and places that would otherwise be inaccessible within the meagre vacation allowances grudgingly granted to wage slaves.

The usual mindset of the air passenger doesn't regard this as an erotic possibility but this is only a matter of reorientation. Air travel offers a fantastic opportunity for public sm that, if it wasn't routinely available commercially, would be regarded as an exotic sm trip.

Where else can you queue up to be publicly searched, the contents of your bags examined both by x-ray inspection and manually by white-gloved attendants?

Once checked in to a flight you are urged by screen displays to proceed to a gate where seating is limited and the process begins of reducing your expectation of personal space. Your boarding pass entitles you to be herded aboard the aircraft.

On a recent flight overnight to Narita that was 100% full in cattle class, I slept strapped in with a seat-belt fastened like the flight attendants insist you do, with blindfold and earplugs. The routine bondage of commercial air travel.

The occupants of the airborne metal tube are offered alcohol as a drug to induce drowsiness. Toilet facilities are inadequate and now for security reasons passengers are discouraged from queuing, the result is inadequate fluid intake and consequent headaches and malaise due to dehydration.

You arrive completely disorientated and again face a long queue awaiting examination in front of various immigration officials who each have the power to ruin your immediate plans and to indelibly degrade your identity.

Finally at the airport, a foreign government customs official wants to know what is in your bags and is empowered to root through your underwear, dirty or clean.

At the end of this scenario that would be fantastic if it were not now so routine, you find yourself blinking on the pavement of a strange city where the time isn't what you expect it to be. You can look forward to at least a few nights of disrupted sleep.

Human bodies weren't intended to suffer this process but it is functionally identical to that deliberately constructed to disorientate and disempower prisoners prior to interrogation.

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    1. Recognise the process for what it is and insist that your slave travels wearing a toy to keep him aware of his slave status, does not jack off during the flight and makes himself available for slave service direct from the airport. Unable to sleep normally, he will be malleable like putty in the Top's hands…
    2. It must be quite boring frisking an incessant line of air travellers. Airport security guys now seem to have licence to check metal below the belt. Some security staff are specifically on the lookout for PA and other genital jewellery. Perhaps they keep a score as to how many steel rings they catch each shift: it's reassuring to see they are doing the security inspections properly...
      My travel mate (who wears a 6mm gauge PA) just flipped his cock out when challenged leaving Spain recently, the Spanish airport security man was well on the way to being a gym rat and was interested more than than inhibited! In contrast, a German airport security man was positively embarrassed when I reached for my flies when his wand detected the lederhosen I was wearing under some other clothes.

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Some reaction:

I've always thought of air travel as like a sleep sack. Once you have checked in there is no option but to relax. You have no further decisions to make until the other end.

Enjoyed the jetlag piece. I knew I could rely on you to establish the erotic possibilities... :-)
Dave (who suggested the title)

An interesting interpretation of what is one of the most boring routines on earth!

HA! That was a good one, John, and *exactly* how it is experienced! Might use that to folks to whom saying, " was tiring..." just doesn't quite describe the reality...

Amusing. You have a completely perverted mind.
I'm jealous.

Hi mate!!
laughed at that!


So true, John - so true! It would be great to have a slave along, but I'm going to AU in Feb. solo since I couldn't find anyone who wanted to go.

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