Bodyguard sex slave assignment

I have received the following mail via a remailing system that made the sender anonymous.

This Jack had evidently obtained good information about me though several important facts are incorrect.

From: unknownsender@unknowndomain
Sent: 31 May 2004 20:57
Subject: Bodyguard

Squaddie John

I have admired you and your web site for a long time. You do not know me but I know you. You have served me several times as a slave at the playroom of a mutual friend but you did not see my face nor hear my voice.

I am now in a position to make you an offer as detailed in the attached assignment. If you wish to accept this offer you should confirm your acceptance by telephoning me on XXXXXXXX at XX:XX on XX XXXX XXXX

I will confirm my offer verbally. I understand that this is a life-changing decision for you as you will have to resign your job and sever your connections with your friends, family and acquaintances. You will need to engage a solicitor to make your legal arrangements in discussion with my legal team.

You will be ready when you call with a suggestion acceptable to yourself to establish that my offer is genuine and supportable. On acceptance, I will give you the details of my outfitter who will measure you for your first uniform that you will wear to report to submit and surrender to my service.

Make your decision carefully. I am proposing to trust you with my life; will you trust me with yours?

Your Master

Bodyguard slave assignment

I admire and respect your previous military service. This assignment is as my full-time bodyguard in public and my sex slave in private.

You will completely submit and surrender to my service. You will obey my legal orders immediately and without question. When I am not present you will use your own judgement and be responsible to me for your decisions and actions.

Most people I meet will view you as my bodyguard and know no more. Those who admire a good male physique will admire your physique. Those who admire a disciplined man will admire your self-control. You will not disclose to others the full details and nature of your assignment with me.

You will master the sophisticated art of being a sexually charged male whose availability is absolutely controlled by me. You will not flaunt yourself in public but you will be highly desired. You will achieve this as a result of this assignment as my bodyguard, your physique, military bearing and the fashionable clothing that I will provide as your uniform. I note you currently adore military boots and white shorts thus your uniform will normally be white.

This prick-teasing will be a humiliation for you because you must not respond to any offers or advances without my permission.

You will continue with your military activities and combat sports. I will sponsor the coaching and training you require. I will also sponsor you for training for your role as my bodyguard; this training concludes with a test that you will pass.

You will continue to maintain your fitness to at least the standard required for army combat readiness for your age.

Your cock will normally be pointed downwards. If you become aroused this will be clearly visible and you will not attempt to conceal your erection. I may also require you to wear a cock ring so that the outline of your cock and balls are always visible through your uniform.

In private you will be fully naked wherever possible and appropriate.

If circumstances are such that you must wear clothes indoors then I require you to dress to flaunt yourself. You will keep your arse on display; at all times it must be possible for a casual observer to see the full shape of your buttocks, thighs, cock and balls. You will ensure that clothing you wear indoors will be able to be removed undamaged from your bound spread-eagled body without your active co-operation.

You may be ordered to wear a slave collar symbolising your status as my personal property. You will not attempt to remove a slave collar other than at my direct command.

You currently have no piercings or tattoos and you will not acquire any. All your body, head and pubic hair will be cropped or shaved; this is your daily responsibility. You will maintain your body in clean condition: you will not use body deodorants or perfumes neither will you smell of body odour.

In my private quarters - in an apartment, house or yacht - you are my sex toy. I may use you or I may require you to entertain others either by engaging with them or by exhibiting yourself.

You will study and practice the arts of massage, including all ways of sexually stimulating me with your hands. You will become expert at stroking and squeezing my tits, cock and balls with your hands. You will become expert at massage for relaxing me. You will acquire and maintain a collection of creams, oils, and lotions for use in massaging my body.

You will develop the ability to ejaculate on my command without delay and also the ability to defer ejaculation indefinitely.

You will wear a two-foot spreader bar between your legs when sleeping in my quarters to establish and confirm the habit of keeping your legs spread and remaining sexually vulnerable and available for fucking at all times.

You will strip and remain fully naked whenever you are in your quarters. There you will wear nothing that covers or conceals any part of your chest, your cock and balls, your arse or your buttocks.

All pictures and decoration in your quarters will be to remind you of your service as your Master's bodyguard and slave. You may display pictures of me but not of yourself.

Closed circuit television will monitor your quarters. You will train yourself to sleep face-down with your hands and legs spread-eagled. You will come quickly to me and kneel before me whenever I enter your apartment.

You will be implanted with a personal data tag so that you will be recognised and identified by my conditional access systems and I can track your whereabouts exactly.

You may be required to select, train and command assistants in all your duties, private and public.

I will supply your lodging, food, uniform, healthcare and necessary travel. I will pay you salary on the same scales as the army, including increments and increases. There will be the usual deductions and a reasonable subsistence allowance will be deducted.

I confirm that I wish to retain your services indefinitely. You do not need a further career.

Your salary will be paid to an independent trust fund administered by your own financial adviser for your benefit. You may not operate or access your financial accounts whilst you remain in my service. Your existing army pension will not be touched.

You confirm that you have freely entered into this assignment. In the case of major violation of the terms of this assignment I will be terminate it summarily, without appeal. You will never see me again. You will receive the legally determined severance pay and regain access to your accounts. For less severe infractions I alone will determine your punishment and/or reparation.

The offer aroused me in several ways. I telephoned the phone number as instructed. I was told by a female voice I did not recognise that there are no further details and that the offer was not negotiable. What you see is what you get: take it or leave it. I closed the call as Jack was not available to speak or meet with me.

The phone number only worked the one time; it was a UK mobile phone account in a number range usually available from a UK supermarket chain on a "pay as you go" basis, no sign-up required, ie anonymous.

I know nothing more and haven't followed it further. Presumably Jack will see his offer posted here. I thank him for his interesting offer.

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