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More bike sex

Sex and bikes go together like sex and drugs and rock 'n roll but the bikers' drug is the adrenalin from riding fast...

Motorbikes are sexual items but all too frequently biking and sex are viewed as separate sports. Bike travel is great for visiting a new contact: more likely to arrive on schedule, much easier to change route if you take a wrong turning or get lost. And turning up on a bike is great conversation point (either the bike or the gear). But all too often the great gear comes off immediately and the bike gets left locked up on the street; it doesn't have to be that way. It's goo to ride home newly shaved, despunked and spreading a striped or fucked sore arse wide across a motorbike saddle.

Biking is fun and sexually arousing. Even the security locks and chains have fetish overtones. Motorcycle maintenance is also horny: those socket wrenches, spanners and torqueing bolts tight is a sexually provocative activity, as is the grease, oil and road dirt which get transferred to both the mechanic and his overalls. And an excuse to wear boots. Dirty boots - dirty mind.

Hardly anyone can have a bike in their bedroom or playroom; bike leathers are intended to be worn on a bike, not in bed. As the bike won't go to the bedroom then take the sexual activities to the bike.

Motorcycle riding in a group is a dominant-submissive activity: the dominant leads the group and the submissive follows. Riding in close formation is a skill giving the thrill of subjugation to the group: there are suggested rules for safe riding in formation.

Pillion riding too is a skill. Riding pillion for an experienced motorbike pilot is probably even more scary than for a non-pilot because of the loss of control. A very good training experience for a "pushy-bottom" type slave! But pillion riding isn't a hundred per cent passive, particularly on a small sporty bike: it takes two riders working closely together to ride a bike two-up: there are many ways in which riding pillion is the closest thing to penetrative sex - fucking - which you can do legally on an open road. And there is every reason to wear boots and leathers as well!

Of course motorbikes are a safety concern: most motorbike mechanical procedures are safety critical and should only be undertaken by a competent person. Caution should be exercised when using the bike in ways other than riding it as intended on the roads. A pillion should not distract the pilot of a motorbike whilst moving. And of course only ride when you have a clear head.

Bike gear and sex

Bike gear has a significant fetish attraction. Bike leathers, boots, gloves all have the essential aura of the motorcyclist on the road, the road warrior or the sports biker. Sex games in bike gear are partly living out the fantasy of sex with the ideal biker, the high speed man with a powerful machine throbbing between his legs, its speed and intensity growling in response to the slightest twist of the throttle within the grip of one hand. Armoured motorbike leather riding suits emphasise the male physique with the armour and patches at erotically strategic places. In contrast the crotch and bum are exaggerated and there's nowhere to put the hands. Two guys both in bike gear are equally protected and the zips and fastenings protect and tease, delaying and frustrating real contact. Or one guy in full bike leathers fucking a naked sub.

A full-face crash hat with a darkened visor worn with a tasty riding suit on a flashy bike attracts looks and attention, sso tantalising and teasing but leaving the wearer free to cruise with his eyes and mentally undress those around him whilst remaining unconcerned about being exposed himself. Plus he can quickly ride on. The problem is not finding fellow travellers, pedestrians, site workers or other bikers to perve on but moving in to actual contact.

Unusual combinations of gear are fun. Try wearing your waterproof underneath your riding leathers; more so, wear a surfing or caving dry-suit or latex sex one-piece under riding leathers. I particularly like unlined leather riding suits worn next to my skin: the leather nappe is particularly sensual against newly-shaved skin.

Bikes and sex - bike garage sex

A motorbike is a sexual item. Shiny chrome exhausts, finned engine cooling and big thick rubber tyres all combined in a sleek, aerodynamic design designed to be straddled by a leather clad rider.

On the other hand, there's an opportunity for dirty sex when the bike's dirty

Sex on bike

Some suggestions for fuck positions - always ensure the bike has cooled off and is standing securely on its centre-stand on firm level ground such as the concrete floor in a private garage.

Biker sex games

At your own risk and remember that a motorbike in motion is an extremely hazardous environment and all the car drivers are out to get us. If you're riding and thinking of sex you may not be concentrating on the road: safety should always be the primary concern.

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