Actual Bivouac Hiking (ABH)

also known as "army bivvie hiking" or "aggravated bivouac hiking"

This is a not-for-profit civilian recreational group who enjoy hiking and staying out overnight. An opportunity for supplementary activities which may be anything from birdwatching through escape and evasion to unarmed combat practice, as agreed by participants.

Act within the law, respect the environment and obey the country code. Leave any weapons, politics and pets at home please.

There is no hierarchy; everyone is equal. Each individual or two-man (buddy-buddy) pair is responsible for their own safety and navigation (ie for knowing their own geographical position at all times), for their own water and food, clothing and shelter, insurance and emergency plan.

A good first aid kit and survival pack should be carried by each individual or two-man buddy pair.

Mountain rules apply: assist a person in distress but do not place yourself in undue danger.

Sharing of transport to and from activities is encouraged but should be arranged individually.

Technological assistance (satellite navigation (GPS), personal mobile radios (PMR), mobile phones etc) are welcome but should be used with consideration, including an awareness that some people prefer the challenge of traditional navigation methods, even when they are wrong and lost!!!

Three types of event are proposed:

  1. Planning meeting. Face to face meeting to discuss routes, supplementary activities, objectives and dates. Remember Naismith's Rule: 5km (3 miles) per hour maximum + 30 minutes minimum for each 300m (985 feet) ascent.
  2. Training hike. Daytime, evening or early morning but not including a bivouac sleep stop.
  3. Actual bivouac hiking. The main objective of the group. Hiking and camping wild. Twenty-four hours outdoors or longer, eg midday Saturday to midday Sunday.

Men of all sexualities (gay, bisexual, asexual and straight) are welcome if respectful of others.

ABH is primarily for those who wish to backpack, hike and bivouac but there may be some call for a very limited number of people to assist with organisation, logistics, checkpoints etc.

Actual bivouac hiking is not suitable for anyone who has not yet spent a night camping in a tent at an organised camp site.

ABH is for UK and Europeans only: experience shows that it is practically impossible to bring enough kit on an intercontinental visit and inadvisable to buy kit, food and fuel locally at the last minute.

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