Gay Squaddie Fitness Test: GSFT

The GSFT tests a gay squaddie's performance. © squaddie John 2003

The GSFT consists of four sub-tests, which may be performed in any order.

GSFT sub-tests

  1. Number of correct push-ups performed in one minute
  2. Number of correct sit-ups performed in one minute
  3. Time taken to run one mile
  4. Time taken to jack-off to ejaculation standing in the position of "Attention"


  1. Do not attempt the GSFT if you are injured, ill or not physically fit; seek medical advice if unsure before attempting the GSFT.
  2. The GSFT may be performed solo or with a squaddie mate or under instruction.
  3. Instructors should verify actual age of recruits.
  4. Clothing: singlet, shorts, socks and personal running shoes.
  5. The GSFT should be performed in one session but the time between sub-tests is not measured or controlled: squaddies may alternate sub-tests so that one may monitor and count for the other.
  6. For sub-test D, each squaddie may elect to use one personal toy such as cockring, ballstrap, butplug or titclips. This toy may be worn for sub-test D only or throughout the GSFT.
  7. Where two or more squaddies are tested at the same time, squaddies who have completed all sub-tests have a duty to assist squaddies who have not completed.
  8. If sub-test D is not completed in less than double the standard time then sub-test D is compulsorily terminated with a cold shower.

Gay Squaddie Fitness Test performance standards

Age in years






Push-ups in 1 min






Sit-ups in 1 min






Running 1 mile













Email in your GSFT scores

The fantasy of a group test on this basis is widely held but many people seem as yet unable or unwilling to discuss it's a hang-up and discussing it is challenges many deep-seated ideas and predjudices...

Note that many recruits require specific training to assure succcessful completion of sub-test D in the position of "Attention". A significant motivating factor is humiliation of the fear of failure in front of their peers in a group test.

Sub-test D may be extended by making the time an exact time to shoot, with the cold shower a penalty for premature or unauthorised ejaculation, ie jackoff continues until specific orders to shoot are received or permission obtained from the DI or PTI supervising the test; the sub-test changes from a fitness test to a discipline and obedience test.

Such a test of controlled shooting was included in the Marine training in Mason Powell's seminal erotic novel "The Brig" (published by John Embury's Alternate Publishing in 1984 and since reprinted), which appears to have been the uncredited source for the Falcon Studios 1996 porn film "Code of Conduct" I & II.

The British Army regularly administers Basic Fitness Tests - BFT - and Combat Fitness Tests - CFT - to soldiers but details of these tests are not available on-line.
The US Army FM 21-20 Physical Fitness Training is available online and includes a widely respected Army Physical Readiness Test and age-adjusted score tables, but you really need an authentic PTI or DI to administer the exercises. For my results, see my US Army Physical Readiness Test scorecard

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