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In praise of lederhose

Lederhosen are traditional German trousers - Trachtenlederhose - made of tough durable leather. Principally worn in Bayern Bavaria and Swabia in Germany, they are practical adult clothing for land work and trades craftsmen or apprentices.

The erotic interest in traditional lederhosen centres on their masculinity. Most lederhosen conceal more than they expose: the traditional flap-front covers a tie or button closure; although the leather moulds to the wearer's crotch anatomy, not much is disclosed although the leather transmits touch and heat remarkably sensitively.

The style of work clothing of a modern German tradesman often indicates his trade: it's a sensible guess that the colours and styles of lederhosen indicated the craft guild and apprentice, journeyman, master status of the wearer. The lightly tanned leather scuffs and marks show the experience of the wearer in the trade; despite exposing his legs and leather-covered rump, the wearer gains an air of masculine invulnerability and authority.

In some trades, eg carpentry, the master craftsman wear the longer lederhose whilst the apprentices wear the short lederhose to give a juvenile look and made them feel vulnerable and submissive because he is exposing much of his legs. The traditional leather braces hold the shorts high against the crack and very much to emphasise the arse as well as exposing the apprentices' legs.

The camaraderie between the mast craftsman and his apprentice by both wearing leather, which both titillates and maintains a separation from the clients.

There is an undoubted sexual attraction to a wearer of lederhose but the mischievous or disreputable reputation that lederhosen have acquired is strongly denied by traditional wearers, despite the traditional photographic pose of one hand in a front pocket.

Prick-teasing using kurze lederhose also works as a retail sales strategy. In Munich a few years ago a correspondent reporst coming across three guys working in a camping shop. They were all in their late twenties and they all wore the archaic scout uniform including incredibly short lederhosen. Needless to say he lingered for some time!!!

Tracht is a Bavarian folk movement to preserve the traditional village way of life before urbanisation and mechanisation. Trachtenlederhosen are specially decorated variations for traditional folk music performances and ceremonies, the decoration is in bright coloured stitching to contrast with black leather and white shirts or blouses. The designs are traditional and vary from village to village, mostly based on oak leaves, flowers and other traditional symbols of the fertility of the land.

Lederhosen can be handed down from generation to generation because of the durability of the leather hide. Plainer styles of lederhosen are for wearing everyday, frequently described as a favourite item of clothing perhaps partly because of the freedom from worrying about getting dirty. Lederhosen are also great for toughening-up challenges or hiking.


Kurze Trachtenlederhose or Sepplhose

Lederhosen can be full length leg, over the knee – Kniebundhose / Kniebundhosen - or short, Sepplhose / Sepplhosen or kurze lederhose / kurze lederhosen. Traditionally supported by halter straps from the shoulders - Hosenträger– some lederhosen can also be worn with a belt.

Like leather shoes or denim jeans, there's a breaking in procedure while the leather is fully softened. Everyone has their own routine. Part of the attraction of lederhosen is the way they adapt and mould to the body shape over time, particularly when worn regularly or continuously. There's no fading as with blue denim but it's quite clear to the interested eye what is underneath lederhosen, how much there is and where it usually lies: left or right.

I have a couple of pairs of Sepplhosen in dark green, almost black, medium weight leather; these are zip closing and came from flea markets. Even when the leather becomes worn and scuffed, they remain strong and supple. I've worn lederhosen shorts when site labouring, they are hard-wearing and get more flexible with use as sweat soaks in. Sounds dodgy but it’s very practical; they're also great for hiking and off the bike when motorbike touring, eg if there's space for one garment only.

Another pair of Sepplhose that were made to measure for me personally by Walter when I visited Munich on my FJ750 motorbike in 1981. These are in black hide. One of this sub's favourites over many years, they still fit me as well as ever. These are intended for wearing as a leather slave around the house and in gay bars. There are no zips, the inside the front fastening constricts like a cock ring and the front flap barely conceals my cock and balls at the best of times and not at all when hard. Worn under supervision of a Master they are a constant tease and of course they can be worn with a plug.

squaddie John's lederhose

Easter 2004: I have a new pair of Sepplhose that were made for me by Konrad, who lives and works in the mountains of OberAllgäu, Bayern, (Bavaria, Germany). It was fantastic to see the whole process through from selecting the hide, design and measuring to final fitting. These are thick olive hide, traditional flap front with button closings; they are starting to wear in nicely... The picture shows my lederhose after two months' intensive wear.

Lederhosen are practical clothing but also the there is the undeniable fetish aspect of wearing leather over the erogenous zones. The second skin hugging the buttocks and the stimulation of the leather suede surface on the cock and balls may be another reason why lederhosen are frequently described as a favourite garment.

Finally, I have a pair of Fetters Upfront chastity shorts that do exactly what the name says: no jack-off. Cleaned out then plugged, cock bent double and then locked into those there is no relief overnight as the incessant unrelieved turn-on becomes a torture.

Corporal Punishment through lederhosen is surprisingly effective. A belt hits just as hard, doesn’t slide and the leather second skin doubles the noise but absorbs none of the shock. Moreover, the leather faithfully holds the flesh in place hit after hit.

Peter writes:
I wear leather shorts and lederhosen. Even though I am English as is true mainly Germans and Austrians wear the lederhose. I started wearing leather shorts in my late teens. For some reason. I am 51 now so that was back in the 70s. Probably liked leather shorts because nobody else wore them other than ladies. I always got lots of eyes looking and the women often paid a complimentry comment. There is that sexual attraction about the wearer too.
I did'nt start wearing lederhose until about 15years ago when we went to Austria for our Honeymoon. Now with the internet I have several pairs of lederhose. I have a preference for the smooth leather must be because of the sexual attraction of the smooth shiny leather. The shortness emphasises this too.
Its most enjoyable going to Austria or Germany and wearing leather shorts in comfort as it is acceptable everyday wear.
Think I should have been born a German!!
I enjoyed your text on the subject and can relate well to it.

Military lederhosen: Kriegsmarine U-boot lederhose


German submariners' uniform was made of leather for warmth in the damp, oily conditions in the U-boat submarine. Lederhosen resisted well the diesel fuel; not washing was practical in the cramped quarters on board. The grey leather zip fly uniform lederhosen were issued up to the 1970s. Dark grey or black with button fly are of WWII issue. Worn with full-length underclothes unterhose maybe throughout the voyage, these military kniebundhosen were worn very high, way above the waist. I am told lederhosen are no longer worn in submarines of the modern German navy.

U-boats are crewed by men who work close together under strict military discipline; in former times their lives were short, their mission tragic. Maybe they found some fleeting pleasure in their camaraderie in leather. Donna eis pacem.

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