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Prostate milking is a method of control of the slave's ejaculations. The slave's prostate gland is stimulated to extract pre-cum without stimulating the cock or relieving the slave's erotic desire. This makes an ejaculation temporarily impracticable until the slave's prostate recharges. Stimulation can be performed by a gloved finger or by a dildo or by a vibrator. Regular prostate milking maintains control and dependency without a physical chastity device, the cock still displays erections but the slave's attitude is stabilised by removing the mood swings associated with ejaculation.

skinsub milking

Had a good Friday night in Bristol - I was hot and horny for fucking because I'd been both milking myself and also doing "The Programme" to increase my spunk and desire. By the time I got to Bristol on my bike I was hot and ready for everything. Unusually for me I fucked as well as got fucked and stayed half-hard even after several rounds of safe arse fucking each way.

We also milked each other off but found that my mate could manage a small spunk off after a really hard and provoked wank. I couldn't. I don't think this proves or disproves anything. We were both as hot and horny as it gets and he was able to spunk a bit because I hadn't milked him completely and also his prostate had had time to recharge sufficiently.

For myself, I was horny again by the time I'd ridden back to London and jacked myself off to a not-particularly satisfactory spunk off when I was back home. It had been four or five hours since I'd been milked so again the recharge time seems to be the factor, plus being really, really horny.

I was horny again in the middle of the night on Sunday and again first thing this morning. I think that is showing that "the programme" gets the juices really going if you follow it for a week or so, in contrast to wearing a chastity device that just makes me dry up after a couple of days of wearing the device: my cock just doesn't bother to argue any more.

slave to slave prostate milking

I've spent the weekend with a slave mate on our own, not under any master's specific orders.
We went out to see motorbikes at a show on Saturday and were completely knackered so went to sleep fairly early. One little point, we put on cockrings so it was almost a dead cert that we'd wake up hard and randy.

When that time came - it wasn't late into the night - we both started playing and quite soon had fingers up arseholes. My slave mate was in the animal husbandry trade so knows how to milk. Quite soon he had me moaning with pleasure and my cock dribbling pre-cum as he massaged my prostate. The whole basis of this weekend was share and share alike so I was soon doing the same to him and we devised a slave-slave pact that I'd milk him dry and he would milk me dry. We both know the sex-hunger and desperation go pretty soon after you've cum and we're no strangers to cum control but a complete milking is a new one to both of us, which we wanted to try. He put a condom on me so we could see how much precum had been gathered.

Milking dry was pleasurable, both for the pleasure of the pre-cum dribbling out of the end of the cock and the stimulation of the prostate. Firstly laying flat, then up doggie position with my cock hanging down underneath. Although being milked was pleasurable there was also the bittersweet realisation that the possibility of even greater pleasure of ejaculation was just dribbling away but my cock stayed hard but not touched. Thereís a tranquillity that comes in that situation. Itís a third state of sexual awareness thatís distinct from being randy and having-cum. It's not like having cum as there's no emotional change but it's strange as you still feel randy and up for hard cock sex or for arse sex. Plus there's an increasing realisation that you're not going to cum but you very feel like you still want-need-must cum.

I did the same to him but he preferred not to have a condom to see the precum so I just watched the drips gather on his 7mm PA ring. A while later, when our prostates felt small and flat, that milking session over we went back to sleep in each other's arms.

Woken again by more cocks standing proud, we milked some more. Not so much more. But of course we were still very randy, even more randy from all the sexual activity without a proper ejaculation. My slave mate was getting increasingly desperate but we didn't have any pre-cum to fuel any ejaculations. I fucked him doggie position and then flat out on the bed with my hands stretching his hands spread-eagled; neither of us came so there was plenty of sexual energy for him to dildo me rotten. Good hard slave-to-slave fucking. Considerate but one way. Each of us had cocks that wanted to be satisfied but our guns had been spiked. No cum.
Our balls were still aching as they were full of spunk and there was absolutely no problem getting hard so we had another session later on. We both tried really fucking hard to jack off but still no cum, no release from feeling desperately randy and no emotional change that you get after cumming.

We didn't do another milking session in the afternoon. We split and I did a gym workout while my slave mate was travelling. He got home and wrote to me last night that he was still randy and desperate but hadnít managed to cum before he went to bed. I can imagine he desperately wanted to, as I was similarly desperate.
I'm writing this the following morning. Iím very much still sexually desperate, my balls ache and I would jack off if I could but I canít. Iíve tried again this morning and thereís just nothing there. Balls full, cock hard but thereís just nothing there to fuel an ejaculation. I guess it wonít be so long before I can but for the moment itís not possible. I'm under orders from a Master not to cum in preparation for a session later this week. I've not disobeyed his orders but I've had a great weekend of lust and full contact and penetrative sex... Wow...

As my slave mate wrote to his Master:

SIR at squaddie John's, been playing all day, milked each other now neither of us can cum. I'm gagging to fuck but there's nothing there and won't be for days. I didnít cum for a week before seeing squaddie John neither did squaddie John so I'm desperate; the head space is something different that I've never experienced before, also been plugged for a while and its staying in until i get back home.
It's a fab feeling. The head wants to fuck but it's desperate that thereís no spunk there to come no matter how hard i jerk thereís nothing there, please help?
slave tony

Squaddie John's prostate milking blog

Tuesday AM.
I was out last night to a Master who has some medical training and background. he tied me up and laid in heavy on my cock and balls, that had started off hard and proudly erect. After a pretty serious onslaught that subsided; he dressed my soft cock in a condom then untied me from his frame and turned me over on the floor into the doggie position. There he arse fucked me with my buttplug but with my hands cuffed so I wasn't jacking my cock. He showed me later a reasonable amount of clear liquid had been milked from me but I hadn't gone hard. Finally he gave me a very firm body muscle massage, unhooded me and sent me on my way. Balls still full but feeling strangely drained, but still wanting to empty them.
Overnight I've been hard most of the night and try as I can there's no ejaculation at all to be had. Not even a hint of precum. Just as he'd described.
Ouch, this is new. I want it, can play with my cock, it gets hard, but nothing happens. The genie won't come out of the can: the magic doesn't work.
No doubt my prostate will soon make some more precum and all will be back to normal. I'm responding to Saturday's lottery order as a succeeded because I've not cum and don't show any likelihood of doing so. But my body clocks are out of sync: my balls are full, the desire and frustration are there and my cock is hard but nothing happens.

Wednesday AM
Day two of this and I'm still out of balance. Balls feeling fuller and definitely up for some action, cock has no problem getting hard but there was very little precum. An long and rather frustrating wank produced a small amount of precum, reassuring that all is in order but not enough to be near a conventional ejaculation.
Balls full but no precum in my prostate is an interesting "third state" to find myself in. I'm used to the frustration and desperation of "balls full prostate full" and also of course to the opposite, with both more or less empty. This third state is really strange. Yesterday and overnight and now sitting here typing, I've been really conscious of having full balls and also that I can't do much to move that spunk out. It's not ball-ache in the conventional sense of wanting, needing and aching to get my rocks off. There isn't a slang expression that really describes it, which is why I've fallen back on amateur clinical descriptions. There is the sort of tension that you get after wearing a CB-2000 for several days but not the pre-cum dripping. And also the certainty as a sexually active male, that I've wanked, got hard but it wasn't anywhere near satisfaction.
It's entirely appropriate as I will be off for the weekend with a long-standing Master. I doubt if I'll be able to fully explain the situation to him but I am confident he will exploit it.
Tough life.

Daily prostate milking

Andy from Dorset writes:

Fri, 30 Jun 2006

Hi john
wanted to keep you updated with my experiments with prostate milking.
i wanted to experience what it was like to be regularly milked of precum, even though i have always been the dom.
Anyway my b/f agreed to help and with a bit of practice he has mastered the milking technique.
He milks me daily now so there is no build up of precum. i am milked in doggy position, which is not that dignified but does the job. Although i volunteer to be milked - it is not done against my will.
i physically can't cum but am permanently horny - erections are no problem and my balls feel really full.
i am now 100% bodyshaved - it makes things so sensitive - especially when you can't cum.
We have ended up with a role reversal now my b/f is definitely now in charge. It's amazing how not cumming changes your outlook on things - i was always the dominant partner but the b/f is now very much in charge and i will do anything for him.
i am milked every evening when i get home from work. my bf has asked me to be naked around the house as much as possible so he can fondle my erection whenever he likes.
i am as horny as hell but i like my new role. It's been over six weeks since i have cum, we can go all night but i am left frustrated whilst my guy cums three or four times. Not sure how long this will last but the more it goes on the more subservient i seem to become. Can't say no to him anymore.
We will carry on for now as i love this feeling of being permanently horned with no way of release.
Getting to like being milked but its no substitute for full ejaculation.
We are both enjoying the experience very much and i am so horny - you wouldn't believe it, the slightest touch of my cock makes it rock hard.
Thanks for your support and inspiration - it helps loads.

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