Irrevocable SM slave contracts - recording and enforcing a slave's consent and commitment to sexual bondage

    1. Consent and commitment
    2. Contract as a slave to a Master
    3. Video recording
    4. Military service
    5. "slave" or "sub"?

Consent and commitment

All "slave contracts" are not legally enforceable; even if a contract accurately represents the situation when freely entered in to, we cannot legally consent to the removal of our civil liberties; even if we have consented to this, we are able to change our mind and revoke the consent. Thus the general advice in SM is to at least establish in advance a signal that means that either side requires that the situation should immediately cease: this is usually known as a stop-word.

Sometimes two stop-words are pre-agreed, one meaning "stop everything now", the other "stop this particular situation but I agree to continue with the overall situation". Where a hood or gag may be in use, then a practical substitute is a number: eg "five of anything means stop", ie five knocks or grunts or five exaggerated breaths or five of whatever is possible.

Situations arise in consensual sadomasochism where a Master wishes to accept and enforce the submission that a slave/sub* has given him: complete unconditional submission to a tyrannical Master is an arousing fantasy but a real-life sub wanting out is a common problem. Establishing and committing to a situation by means of an irrevocable slave contract can be an exciting part of a Master/slave relationship.

Because in ordinary circumstances, kidnapping, slavery and loss of individual fredom are abhorrent, a paradox arises as our legal systems are rightly framed to specifically disallow them. Problems in SM include protection of the slave from exploitation by an unscrupulous Master and protection of the Master from action by the slave who might find that he doesn't like the situation he had committed to when he is actually in it.

As an example: a sub wishes to commit to a specific situation such as forty-eight hours naked in a cage at the complete service of the Master. The sub has previous experience which suggests he will want out and he wishes the Master to ignore any such pleas for release. The Master concurs, but wants to record the slaveís agreement to the situation in a document that will protect the Master from any subsequent legal action brought or initiated by the slave.

How can this be done? I am not a lawyer but my suggestion is that a slave contract covers at least the following:

    1. The Master must commit to take reasonable and competent care of the sub
    2. Exceptions should be be pre-agreed that will terminate the situation, particularly medical emergencies
    3. The situation should be entered in to freely
    4. The acceptance of the slave contract should be witnessed, including the intention and explicit consent that the slave contract should be irrevocable. Video recording might be a substitute if suitable witnesses are not available
    5. The duration of the submission and validity of the slave contract should be specified
    6. The safe conclusion of the situation should be recorded and witnessed

Both sides should declare any known risks or pre-exisiting medical conditions

I think it is unnecessary for the Master to be more specific than in item 1 as this may spoil the subís fantasies as a slave* and the Masterís scope to surprise, however there may be specific activities that either or both wish to exclude, including the protection of privacy during and after the session.

As well as the legal documentation, there may be erotic tokens of submission: the slave may be told to wear a chain or ring, shave an area, strip or pattern or submit to erection and ejaculation control by means of a chastity device or infibulation as apparently practiced on male slaves in ancient Rome. Or simply be marked with temporary ink pen mark or a permanent tattoo, scar or brand. Note that consenting to permanent body modifications such as tattoos, piercing, scarification or branding remain the individualís responsibility, not the Masterís.

Video recording of the slave's commitment during a induction interview is proposed by Jim Stewart, the founder of Fetters International. Jim's creative leap is to turn the video recording itself from a legalistic record into an erotic proposition as well as a legal instrument, he first proposed this at a workshop on "Long-term Imprisonment" at the Stonewall anniversary in New York.

Jim proposes a slave induction interview video that starts with the potential slave being cross-examined to establish his consent to the proposed SM session. The video continues uninterupted to record the slave signing the slave contract to the SM bondage session itself, including the gradual, inexorable removal of the slave's freedoms as restraint is applied to hands, feet and he is gagged, tied tight and bound for no-where.

slave induction interview video storyboard

Complete camera script: Under Wraps Project: CHALLENGE, ENDURANCE, SURVIVAL: INDUCTION INTERVIEW. If you are considering making a video like this or want to volunteer to be a subject, then please contact Jim Stewart

For myself, I ensure that that a friend knows where I am going, when to expect my return and what I expect to be done if I donít reappear on schedule: mnemonic WWW.

Despite the above, nothing can ensure absolute safety but good intentions and experience count for a lot and can minimise risk.

In the free world, a sane citizen can consent to substantially reduce his freedom to act by volunteering service to the armed forces. Recruitment offices are in most cities... Thereafter Military Law specifies a soldier's obligations and responsibilities with specific sanctions for enforcing military orders and discipline. The procedure to revoke the recruitment contract is also specified - it is possible for a soldier to buy freedom.

*Rather than "slave", I prefer the term"sub" meaning"willing submissive" rather than slave. Alternatively: "slave" is the fantasy whereas "sub" is the reality; we should all take ordinary responsibility as a citizens, including going to work, finance and long-term health etc and I do not wish to abrogate my responsibilities to myself.

Consider also that most of us are economic slaves to a greater or lesser extent: we have to earn our living and pay our way in the world.

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