Male circumcision in the Army

Removal of the adult male foreskin under military discipline

Military deployments exploit medical knowledge to ensure that soldiers work at maximum effectiveness. The armed forces not only advise and administer inoculations and medications against disease but it is a matter of record that the US military insisted on the surgical removal of the foreskins of its male soldiers before deployment to the war zones of South East Asia. Male circumcision has been practiced for centuries and many rites have evolved around the procedure, however there appears to be little authentic record about military circumcisions, ancient or contemporary.

This intimate change to a soldier's adult body must have become ritualised and a part of the submission to military discipline. It must have been erotic as soldiers are adults and therefore sexually aware.

A process must have been established to manage the procedure to cut the recruits' cocks:
Stages in the procedure

  1. Assessment - those previously circumcised would not need to undergo the procedure under military discipline
  2. Recruits are informed of the advice to circumcise. This is likely to have been framed to be consistent with notions of free choice, however peer pressure and group mentality would be employed to ensure a high uptake. Presumably with advice on venereal disease, personal hygiene and care in a tropical climate. Recruit has little access to alternative sources of information
  3. Recruit consents and circumcision operation scheduled
  4. Recruit has last jack-off before removal of foreskin

Post circumcision

  1. Recruit's first look at his penis and first piss
  2. Medical examination and removal of stitches
  3. Recruit's first jack-off with modified and exposed cockhead
  4. Recruit's first sexual encounter with a partner

The effects of continuing military physical training with a cockhead that is unaccustomedly sensitive because of foreskin removal must be both intensely personal and likely to be deeply erotic. However relief through masturbation is not advised for several days following a circumcision procedure. Whilst recruits are already under a degree of sexual suppression both through fatigue and lack of access to a partner, the additional sensitivity because of a newly-exposed cockhead would be significant, especially with roughness of army underwear and during rigorous physical training. Enduring such a process together in a squad would be a significant factor in building team cohesion. In a group composed of those uncut plus newly cut and previously cut, those scheduled and anticipating circumcision or enduring the recovery process could be the target for either male empathy and understanding or hazing...

Recent military medical practice has been much less insistent on male circumcision however it is possible it is still one of the rites of passage, surviving under the guise of hygiene.

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A ex-military medic comments
I think you have it all, though in my personal experience as a Navy Doc for the US Marines in Okinawa in the late 1950's, there was an element of some guys, no longer recruits by then, actually wanting to experience the circumcision even if it wasn't medically needed. We let them!

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