Suppository Workshop

Body-awareness and self-control for the perverted

Suppository Workshop: one to try at home

Take a glycerine suppository and write me a diary of its effects:

  1. Buy glycerine suppositories at a pharmacy. No prescription required. Take an ordinary dump.
  2. Start up computer, strip off, put on cockring. Read the information on the packet.
  3. Shave perinium and insert one adult glycerine suppo well-warmed under the hot water tap, put on white rugby shorts and a shirt; you could also use a small buttplug if you wish. Ensure you put the shorts on properly with the drawstring done up tight.
  4. Start the clock.
  5. Sit at computer and web surf or write e-mail but keep a diary on screen of how you feel, minute by minute. The intention is to retain the suppository as long as possible and to NOT make a mess: it's a body-awareness and control thing not a scat scene.
  6. Email: click here

One sub's suppo diary

Late evening, standing in front of computer wearing only white shorts and cockring




Wetted suppository slips in very easily. Push it well in.


Immediate twiching sensation round anus, the muscles quite tense


The sensation is starting to move deeper into my body


Already very aware of colon and sphincter. Feel that I want to step from one foot to the other to relieve pressure, but do not allow it.


Feeling seems to be subsiding slightly


No such luck, right back again.


Very interesting sensation of pressure on anus, like being fingered from inside out which I guess is the suppository moving in the gut.


Am having to concentrate quite hard on anus which is starting to spasm. This continues for some minutes.


Starting to get cramps in gut


Hole very sweaty now, and in spasms. Any attempt to relax would be fatal now.


Churning inside, cramps quite intense, need to concentrate of sphincter full-time, starting to sweat all over


Very strong wave of pressure.


Belly now clearly bloated, churning quite noisily


Sphincter held so hard that cock starting to twitch, balls have pulled in very tight. Cannot allow it to relax even slightly.


Ditto with waves of cramp, still sweating


Belly bloated and quite hard.


Pressure on anus is unbearable, cock twitching away, cannot stand still but will try. Sweating hard, can't really think straight.


Have had to give in, at about 38 minutes. Got shorts off, but was cursing double knot on waist band and leaping about like a mad thing.

Relief is immense and feel like I'm walking on air. Still very aware of anus, with a sensation almost like it is glowing.
Decide to test sensitivity and heightened awareness by penetration with a dildo. It slips in very easily and sensations are definitely strong - just lubing up was intense.
Stroking feels particularly good and satisfying after the long clamp.
Butt plug harder to keep in, but then helps to maintain focus on anus...

Feb 2007 sub Dale's diary

11:45 insert wetted suppository
11:46 nothing yet
11:47 starting to burn????
11:48 burning subsiding but starting to feel it work
11:49 some cramping but all is OK
11:50 Since I drank 3 large glasses of water 30 minutes prior to starting this my bladder is now feeling very full and I have a mild urge to poop
11:51 about the same
11:52 about the same
11:53 urge getting stronger to empty both bladder and bowel
11:54 about the same
11:55 about the same, cock ring starting to bite now
11:56 I am going to make myself put spring type clothes pins on my nipples now to try to avert attention
11:57 nipples on fire
11:58 feels like bee stings on my nipples
11:59 nipples hurting bad taking away from the urge to go
12:00 urge to go returning
12:01 nipples still outweigh need to go
12:02 bladder hurting now with some urgency
12:03 nipples are still saving me
12:04 nipples still worse than other
12:05 someone at door, must get dressed
12:10 Back and now I have to replace the clothes pins
12:11 someone at door again!
12:29 Locked door and back
12:30 replaced clothes pins on nipples
12:31 GOD the second time hurts MUCH worse
12:32 bladder in trouble cock ring making testicles ache
12:33 really have to pee and poop now cramps bad
12:35 I will hold it longer or require myself to take a 3 quart enema if I fail
12:36 still holding but really have to go
12:38 cramps are making my anus quiver now and bladder is in spasms
12:39 getting hard to control
12:40 stomach aches both from having to go but also from testicles being squashed by cock ring as my penis enlarges
12:41 I have to go NOW so I will give myself my 3 quart punishment enema after

Feb 2007 a Florida sub's diary

1...followed directions seen here. Warmed two suppositories and with finger inserted both as far up rectum as i could reach. This in itself felt soo good i wanted to do it again. Then inserted a medium sized butt plug. More erotic.
2... it tingles really intense. As i squeeze my sphincter it pulls the plug in deeper. Never had this experience before but love it. anus feels wet and well oiled at this time. i have to squeeze harder now.
4...intense tingle and twitching. i am married with a great and kinky sex life, but this feeling would almost make me look for a gay experience involving my tight and now tighter asshole.
5...WOW AND MORE...don't want this to end. It is almost an involuntary sphincter twitch. i find myself squirming in my chair making the butt plug go deeper in my rectum and causing my cock to thicken and jump.
6...more of the same
7...i hate to write at this erotic moment
8...more squeezing of the sphincter and increased pleasure. There is pre cum on the end of my cock.
9...oh please never end. i can feel the moisture building up far in the recesses of my asshole.
10...wish this butt plug was longer, fatter and had batteries. It enhances the experience even more as time passes.
11...i don't know if i can last 30 minutes, but i am sure going to try. i have never experienced this kind of pleasure before and almost feel ashamed for....i said almost!!
12...i'm glad this butt plug has a string on the end because i just squeezed and felt it go entirely up my ass.
13...i just built up the nerve to feel my bare asshole. that was erotic all by itself. sure enough, the entire butt plug, base and all are up in my rectum.
14...this is becoming orgasmic. the tingling is creeping up my rectum and it feels as if it is inside my stomach. is easier now to squeeze the plug up my ass as it feels so damn good.
16...i just put my finger up my rectum to see just how deep the butt plug is. i had to push my finger in a good two or three inches to find the base.
17...i think i will just leave my finger up in there and work the plug up and down.
18...i am getting light headed and my mouth is dry as the sand on the Sahara.
19...please don't end. my cock is fully extended and twitching out of control. i can control my cumming after years of practice
20...when i let loose of my sphincter i know i will excrete from every orifice in my body.
21 pressure yet had a little back at minute 14 or 15. my stomach feels full.
22...that isn't all that feels full.
23...i am getting that urge to purge now...i hope i can control it for a few more minutes or all day if possible. won't be long now. my cock is oozing pre cum. the more i squirm and squeeze the more excited i get.
25...i can't last much longer.
26...i just pulled the plug out just enough so the base rests on my shaved perinnial area just on each end of my anus.
27...the urge has eased temporarily and the orgasmic feeling is intensifying. don't end
28...i can last for a while now once the plug was pulled back out and it was deep in there. it felt like it was a full finger length beyond my anus.
29...that just sounds nasty but that what i love.
30...i can feel the plug massaging my prostate. this would explain the excess cum.
31...i am making more typos and i want to push the plug deeper. am i perverted??
32...there now... i can feel my prostate now with my finger. i think i will remain in this position for awhile longer.
33...i better use just one suppository next time, like tomorrow. it must feel like anal intercourse with a small dick.
34...still hanging in there more experiences on your site. they awe-inspiring.
36... i better head for the toilet now. i hate to end this. it is so much erotic fun that i know it must be sinful.
37...i will send another installment tomorrow. the pressure is growing stronger now. bye

Nov 2005 A Mac sub's diary

Hi there... I came across your site and decided to try the suppository workshop :) ! Here are my comments as I was sitting there and actually feeling it.

1 Put two suppositories in, lubed up my ass and stuck in a plug, and put on a cock ring.
2. Feels good to have the plug in my ass, really want to get pounded now.
3. Feel some pressure around my anus, but not too bad.

No change in anything yet.
Feel a slight pressure in my stomach. not enough to describe it.
I feel my cock ring more and a slight pressure around my right testicle
I feel tingling around my anus and some bubbling inside, feels good.
I feel my sphincter muscle tensing up and then letting go... still feels good
Still feeling a bit of a pressure in my anus but its very gentle and feels good... still waiting for some intense sensations...
Still Waiting
Oh boy... here it comes... I can feel the pressure in my stomach and my ass and now starting to get a little bit crampy...
I have to start holding it now... it comes in waves... the first one just subsided... but still a slight throbbing sensation inside.
Slightly subsided but I know its there, and it wants out... wow
same feeling... having to hold my anus as it comes in waves and gives me goose bumps all over my body... I have to contract muscles in my anus almost every 30 seconds now. Here it comes again, now it's harder to control it. I think its subsiding, giving me series of goose bumps again. Goose bumps are a good indicator of it subsiding for a while.
Still waiting for a wave, but seems that if I contract my anus it actually makes the wave come, here it comes... so much harder to hold it now... I don't know how much of it I can take anymore. Oh boy... subsided once again... my plug almost came out and it's a big one... wow that was intense...
now sitting waiting for another one to come... want to smoke a cigarette but I know that causes you to want to go bad... oh here it comes again, goose bumps of oncoming force... I'm holding it as much as I can... starting to bubble around my anus... but I'm not letting it out...
subsided but still there... it comes almost every 20-30 seconds now... here it comes. I hear sounds from my anus but I am not letting it out... my legs are feeling wierd... almost cotton like... I want to get up and dance or something...
I don't know if I like this anymore... feels dirty somehow... doesn't smell or anything... subsided again... more tolerable now
no changes
here comes the wave again... this time slower but deadlier... oh lord... why did I do this... oh... I can't think of anything else but that and franticly typing this stupid diary. OK, it subsided once again... it's now been 20 minutes and I know I can go for longer...
it subsided enough to just sit and try and hold it in... I know the buttplug is a lot of help but even it almost popped out during one of those "waves"... oh wow, here it comes again
I don't know why I am doing this... but I am hoping that in the end (no pun intended) it will feel good and clean andr really erotic afterwords... but right now I could stick a 100 bricks in there and they might not hold it in... here comes a wave... a smaller one this time... but still a reminder of what to expect... here comes the bigger one... giving me a spasm and a whole lot of tingles... goose bumps
same feeling but kind of erotic at the same time
9:45 the 30 minute mark i'm done...

Dan - my stories are different but true

1. Getup out of bed stretch, piss, drink about 20 ounces of water.
2. Insert 2 normal strength glycerin Suppositories (ours are weaker in the US)
3. Throbbing sensation but subsides.
4 6 - Grab gym bag, head to car... while in car, bowels star to churn
6-11 - Churning increases, sweating on the anus..Telling myself hold it be a man
11-15 Arrive at the gym checkin put down gym bag.
16 run to stall,
17. Gas release first then explosion.

The trick is to insure the body has enough water for the glycerin to pull (attract) to the bowel.

Anther true story was giving a glycerin suppository to my best freind from college a college jock around age 30. he laid on the couch watching sport on television.
I told him no matter what for it to really work he should do his best to hold for 10 to 15 minutes...
By minute 9 he was asking how long he needed to go.
At minute 10 he RAN to the bathroom
5 minutes later came out said he felt SO SO much better and would be using "those" more often.

I was intrigued to see this suppository evalation. I have always liked the idea of retention in terms of a contest or bonding among men.

Sep 2005 A slut sub's diary

0 Put two supos in, the buggers are slippery when wet.
1 weird sensation around my anus, like I need to go to the bathroom, my legs fell really tense
2 the presure is more intense
3 my heart is pounding, presure builds
4 trying not to move around to much less I move the less presure I feel
5 presure is lightening up in little waves, then comes back twice as hard
6 sphincter is tensing up a little
7 very intense sensation in my groin and abdomen area
8 slight cramps, still resisting tensing up. Shook my body a little bit, the masocist in me wants it to speed up
10 unlike an enema I dont feel full yet, or the sensation of flowing into my large intestine
11 everything has subsided, feel normal
33 sudden wave of presure, haveing to tense up alot
34 legs weak
35 not sure how much longer I'm going to be able to hold out.. but I'm going to try
36 having to stand
40 lost it at 36 mins

from Steve, June 2005

0 slipped in very nicely
1 feeing of expectation of whats going to happen
2 starting to feel full and that ineed adump soon
4 nice warm sensation of fullness feel aware of lower bowel
6 feel pressure starting to build in anus
7 starting to feel gurgling and feeling abit bloated
9 urge to go getting more pronounced
11 slight dull ache in stomach feeling bit bloated
12 strong urge to fart bloating continuing
14 feeling really full cramps in stomach
16 stomach disteneded
18 having to concentrate on holding it in
20 heart racing pleasant dull ache in lower bowel
21 pressure building having hold sphincter shut
25 pressure seems to have easied alittle still very aware of feeling i should be going
27 stomach gurgling well
29 stomach very blaoated feeling bit sweaty now can feel intense pressure on sphinctersuddenly want to move around as pressure builds all come on very sudden.
30 having to really concentrate on sphincter holding itin
31 pressure building having to concentate getting cramps in stomach cant concentrate properly for the feeling
32 concentrating on holding
legs shaking
getting more uncomfortable
34 stomach gurgling prssure intense having to really realy concentate to hold
36 had to go couldnt hold any longer

thanks for this it's been interesting and has helped me to hold the suppository for the longest i ever have


Ginger Suppositories - figging or feaguing the horses

An old ex-Kings Troop chap told me that his father told him that before the first world war it was common for mounted regiments to receive large vats of root ginger before public ceremonies, which were peeled and cut into suppositories for the horses. The burning sensation made the horses hold their tails up.

He said the same thing was used when regimental squaddies were given unofficial floggings (cane or the birch) on the breech. In one case, rather than lose rank the ringleader opted for a private birching, two others were caned. A ginger suppository was inserted before the birching and the squaddie kept his breech well up and splayed.

I heard this years ago but it stuck in my mind for some reason.

Dave adds:

Feague: Capt Francis Grose's Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue (1796) "to put ginger up a horse's fundament and formerly, it is said, a live eel, to make him lively and carry his tail well. A forfeit is incurred by any horse-dealer's servant who shall shew a horse without first feaguing him. Feague is used figuratively for encouraging or spiriting one up"

Figging CP

Figging - The Art of Anal Ginger Root Play

Vorex adds from Australia

I have to thank you for the Suppository Workshop page on your website!!

When I first came across it, a few months ago, I had no interest in suppositories or enemas, and had in fact never had one.

Now I've discovered a new (and enormous) kink. I love to hold an enema for as long as I can, feeling the cramps and sweating and the twitching of my ass, knowing that I'm going to loose it eventually but holding it in for every moment that I can anyway. When I don't have time for the full treatment I just slip a suppository up my ass and let it work its magic.
Sometimes I go down to the corner store near my place with one inside me, I love that I'm twitching or cramping and none of these other people have any idea. I've recently hooked up with a top who, among the other things he does to me, loves to administer a deep enema that'll make me sweat and moan.

Thanks for introducing me to this fantastic kink!!

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