Sci-fi SM and 21st century slave training

Face to face control continuing as control at a distance

Technologies are content-neutral but perverted human minds are everywhere...

The techniques of carrot and stick, reward and punishment can be included in current hi-tech lifestyles so the bdsm lifestyle isn’t necessarily limited to the weekends and the playroom or bar backroom.

Prison technology has moved on since ball and chain. The ties that bind extend reality into cyberspace. Who wants to become a plantation slave when you can aspire to become in sci-fi reality a drone or droid?

Full-time visual monitoring as shown on reality television is beyond the scope of individuals to implement but it's demonstrated a widespread fascination with 24/7 monitoring and also, that ordinary human sexuality is stimulated in such a environment, at least for the duration of the TV show/experiment.

"Big Brother is my Master" and "Big Brother is my friend" are underlying but unwritten themes of authoritarian control in Orwell's futuristic novel 1984. Orwell's Big Brother was too uptight to admit he was into into cum control too, and none of the UK reality TV shows have gone that explicit yet, but if total control is erotic in one technology then it is in another.

There are a whole number of systems which are coming on stream now which record our actions and which can be used to track and report. The interest in in repurposing these for erotic control purposes and to arrange for slaves (or should that be droids?) to actually live the fantasy.

Legacy sm technology is derived from the fetters and locks of prisons and chain gangs so it is no surprise that modern deviant control techniques are also readily adaptable for bdsm. And a surprising number of modern employee management tools also need only slight adaptation: many of the software tools required for erotic slave control are already installed on your desktops. Just do it...

Prisoner control hardware is also available but imperfect in these applications: skin contact is erratic, portable equipment requires waterproofing and battery recharging. In this application, software control is actually more reliable, highly developed and better adapted for the purpose.

Working from home - teleworking - enables some of these bdsm activities to continue through the working day. Some designers and authors do their best work fully-naked. It's a small step to a full-time leather slave harness or a four-way hands and feet steel chainset.

It may well be that the tekkie responding to your online technical support request is naked, chastity-controlled and in physical restraint; or maybe he's just in economic slavery and has some strong fantasies. As always with tech support - please be nice to him!

Or a telephone call centre call handler, working from home. These outfits are run on fear: call monitoring, snooping, attitude and demeanour reports, adherence, performance metrics and success statistics. Punishment duty is being assigned the shift when the rude stroppy callers call in most...

Control by screen is one aspect, withdrawal of human warmth and actual touching warm body to warm body is a disadvantage. Distillation of fetish turn-on to its screen representation distances the humanity. The yearning initially enhances but gradually diminishes the human sexuality. Use it for real or loose it. Cybersex is not a long term substitute for real boot-in-face man-to-man master to slave encounters.

Roman Emperors threw their worthless slaves to the lions as entertainment. 21st century slaves have rights too and should be treated with love and respect. Any one of the following methods used singly is a powerful technique. Use in combination may cause potentially dangerous psychological disturbance. Use at your own risk. Keep a grasp on reality.

Get in touch by e-mail with your ideas for slave training and punishments using twenty-first century technology. I'll post them here anonymously or with your e-mail address if you wish

Text slave
John, I find your site rich in interesting material. As far as 21st century remote control, sci-fi stories from decades ago explored aspects. One I remember one citing the dossier as the ultimate weapon -- today it is the database accumulated by everyday transactions with credit cards.
Some theme parks avoid cash by issuing house credit cards, bills due on exit, but if such were ubiquitous resources can vanish in an instant.
Another story involved a cashless society where everyone had keys to access purchases [before credit cards were common.]; the victim had a key locked to his wrist whose combination changed every day so had to always move to where his key would give access. This could be done with credit cards.
Cell phone technology can be coupled to various electrostimulators to command and locate. Even with locked-on battery packs, the sub can be compelled to find a recharger, for a lethal jolt is saved for last. Cell phones continually listen for local transmitters and when leaving a cell report their presence cell entered. The system can be designed to punish if the wearer leaves cell phone range, and so cannot find freedom in the wilderness.

A few years ago in the US someone locked a time bomb around a guy's neck with orders to rob a bank and take the money to some spot where he would be given the code to defuse it; he went to the police who were unable to help and could only watch from a distance as the bomb went off and killed the guy.


Text slave
Hi John, I'm a text slave. My Master has me text him when I wake up and at fixed times through the day when I'm not at his place. I must text him for permission to dress and permission to eat. I'm not allowed to jack-off without permission and when I'm ready to cum I must text him for permission to cum. Sometimes he refuses, which is very hard, even harder than being refused permission to start jacking-off. On a work day I must text him at the beginning of my lunch break and he gives me orders. Today it was to go put on a spiked cockstrap in the toilet at work and then go off-site to a private place wearing the spiked cockstrap and to text him again. He told me to jack-off through my jeans and to leave the cum inside and the spiked cockstrap on. I was sticky and itchy for the rest of the day. textslave, Thornton Heath, London, England [2003]

Cyber slave
Sir this slave has lived as a cyber slave under the control of its Master since February 2001 Sir. Sir it communicates by web mail or by web chatting Sir supplemented by pictures from time to time Sir. Sir these forms of contact bridge between time zones (being eight hours different Sir) and have proved effective over its years of obedient service Sir.

Sir You’ve asked what makes this slave’s cyber slavery so special Sir: Sir first Sir, the manner in which its Master originally took Control of a confused sub-male wondering about being emasculated, He was confident and firm yet loving and caring – intuitively this slave knew that He must be obeyed immediately Sir.
Sir secondly Sir, openness and honesty - without which a committed cyber relationship would be hopelessly devalued – a committed cyber slave must be ready to obey its Master’s Rules even though it is unseen and equally ready to confess any infringement Sir.
Sir thirdly Sir, what flows from discipline with love, and with a true effort at mutual understanding, is acceptance and affirmation, reciprocated Sir so that His slave is not degraded but fully masculine, readily submissive, joyfully obedient, and able to stand tall before other guys as an ambassador for its Master’s training Sir.

Sir its Master's rule is that it "will remain nude when we chat on the web" Sir to be aware of being utterly open to its Master Sir.
Sir its Master prefers it to explore SM in 'public' places Sir; it must consistently respect other Masters but, if they ask it to surrender, it will tell them that its Master does not share His slave body.
Sir its Master encourages dialogue and development of its Master/slave thinking not just with Himself but with other Masters and with other slaves Sir. Sir it has some long-standing e-friends in consequence Sir.

      Master Bob's Rules for his cyber slave

      1. Family and job commitments come first.
      2. No drugs, tricks, or force are used to obtain its full
      3. When practical, it is nude especially when on the web.
      4. The SEED produced by its body is MY PROPERTY! it will NOT beg for relief. I will decide how and when it will ejaculate. Deliberate ejaculation is punishable.
      5. Communicate daily by web.
      6. it will never question or resist a Chastity Device.
      7. I will never put My slave in mortal danger.
      8. it has the right to ask questions.
      9. I consider it to be MY valuable PROPERTY for MY pleasure and enjoyment!

Subj:Sir Master M Sir

Sir it is delighted by Your news and how Master Bob's relationship with His slave inspired Your cyber slave Sir and, of course, this slave wishes Your relationship with Your cyber slave every success Sir.

Sir all the best for now and thanks for responding to
Master Bob's joyfully obedient slave 640 Sir.

      Hi cyber slave 640,

      I have again a good reason to say thank you to you and to your Master Bob.

      A really promising young man contacted me by a few weeks ago using the online messenger (he had found my contact details from my profile). After we had had several nice and interesting chats online, he last week surprised me by asking for my permission to apply to become my cyber slave. Well, I told him to go ahead and apply, which he did.... send me a detailed application that was almost impossible to refuse, and well.. you guessed it: Now I have a super great cyber slave.

      I asked him from where he had got this idea of cyber slavery, and it appears that your short description of your slavery with Master Bob on the "milism" web site was the source.

      We are basically using Master Bob's rules in our relationship, with slightly less stringent chastity requirements (had to take his young age high sex drive into consideration). And with great success.. so far has been pure pleasure for us both.

      Thank you for sharing your experiences and being the source of inspiration for others.

      Master M

Online Group slave
John: I got involved with a gym training instructor via an online Group.
Joining the group was conditional on completing an on-line electronic questionnaire that asked many very personal questions as well as my height/weight/age and how often I train.
After I had returned the questionnaire it was placed online in the group folder. The file was password-protected but the other group members could access it because we were assigned slave training numbers which were similar to the passwords. Once the file was posted I could not change it.
I had to shave my chest hair and then write my slave number on my chest with a thick pen and send a picture of this to the "instructor". This too was placed in the group folder online.
The "instructor" demanded that I chat making long instant message sessions with him online, during these he would ask me more and more detailed questions; he wanted to know many details about how sore I was from different exercises. He wanted me to get a webcam so he could see me online and check I still had the slave number written on my chest. He told me to type online naked and to squat in the crouch position so my balls hang between my thighs with my hands on the keyboard typing to him so I could not touch my cock or jack off either. At first the pain from squatting naked made it difficult to concentrate on typing correctly but i got used to it. It's very submissive and humiliating: the cock is exposed and the arse cheeks spread.
When I was online like this he was also writing to other slaves in his Group but I could not see all their messages. There was no camaraderie between the group members like there is in a real group training session. The "instructor" would send us mails individually and we had to reply via the Group in a strict format and to not take any initiative in mails that were sent to the whole group. The instructor was the group founder and moderator and he had to approve all mails sent to the group. This gave the impression that the other slaves were perfect.
He would not close the ICQ sessions, even when I responded that I needed to get off-line to go and really train in the gym, which was meant to be the point of his "training". His training wasn't helping me train better in the gym and quickly became overwhelming.
I realised that he is obsessive and I resolved to terminate the "training". Breaking away was not easy and he sent me some nasty e-mail, but some while later I was recontacted by another of the group members at that time and he confirmed that he was being similarly manipulated, abused and humiliated. He said he is a fireman and he owed a lot to the instructor because he had helped him pass his annual fitness test. Mark, London, England [2003]

Online Jackoff Group
We had a good online group going. It was for slaves who want to be exhibitionists online. Every time a group member jacks off he writes about it to the group and attaches a picture if he can. The simplest message is in a standard format but this can vary if the guy has time to write more.
Here's our template for a basic report:

Subj: [JO mates] Group report template

Use this template for your report to the Group. Don't forget a picture if you made one.

day of week + time Thursday 10pm
position? laying/standing
left hand or right hand?
where? bed/shower/outdoors
duration? quick/average/extended
who/what were your fantasising about?

The group operators closed the group, they said it was against their Terms of Service. It was fun while it lasted and I met some great mates. I'm still in touch with some of them and we meet online for regular J/O sessions. Andy, Bristol, England [2003]

Get in touch by e-mail with your ideas for slave training and punishments using twenty-first century technology. I'll post them here anonymously or with your e-mail address if you wish

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