Sleep discipline for soldiers, subs and slaves

24/7 slavery

Complete slavery includes regulation and control including during the hours of sleep and the duration of sleep. Sleep deprivation leads to poor performance and can amount to torture. Male chastity control is well-known but less familiar are routines to ensure sleep discipline. There is a strong tendency is to sleep in the foetal position but this instinct can be overridden by training:

  1. Slave sleep positions
  2. Should a slave sleep naked?: toys?
  3. Military sleep positions
  4. Borstal sleep positions
  5. Hospital sleep positions: straitjacket and humane restraint
  6. Drunk cell sleep positions
  7. Waking up

Slave sleep positions

Train your slave to sleep spread-eagled face-down on a bed when he is alone; sometimes called the starfish sleep position. If his willpower alone is insufficient, he should attach himself to the four corners of his bed. Sleeping in this position trains the slave to sleep in a fully-exposed position with his arse ready for taking. It also trains him to keep his hands away from his cock and balls.

A variation is to train your slave to sleep with one finger - maybe the middle finger of his left hand - in his arsehole. Again he will learn to remind himself of his slave status. Sleeping wearing a buttplug is another option: my experience is that this leads to some good wild dreams.

Some Masters train their slave to sleep in chains or other restraints on the floor at the foot of the Master's bed. Like a dog.

The leather goods manufacturers offer leather sleep sacks for overnight sleep restraint or other enforced immobility.

Should a slave sleep naked?

Ordering a slave to sleep naked instils that he is not worthy of clothing. However a slave who regularly sleeps clothed will feel unusually exposed when he is sleeping with his Master. Sleep clothing also somewhat discourages unauthorised masturbation. Maybe the ideal is for a slave to sleep when unsupervised wearing a chastity device; if this is is not tolerable long-term, then sleeping in a jock with the cock folded downwards but the arse exposed between the straps.

Of course to ensure that slave doesn't sleep right through you simply instruct him to sleep wearing with a tight cockring. This is a suitable punishment for a slave who has dropped off to sleep too early when he should be serving and servicing his Master. Inevitably the slave will wake up with a rampant erection and be unable to sleep again until satisfied. One method - when the slave is sleeping with his Master is slap-on handcuffs attached to the cock or balls and one wrist. The slave wants to jack off but can't without waking his Master.

Some slaves wear a cockring continuously. For particular effect: training, eroticising a special session or as a punishment, then a spiked cockstrap or cock and ball strap is indicated. Actually what you want - and maybe your slave doesn't - is a device that's comfortable enough for him to get off to sleep but sized so that when his erotic appetite returns, he will become erect and consequently suffer pain from the toy you have him wear. Maybe you reserve this for when your slave is sleeping apart from you so that he can't wake you.

Military sleep positions

Institution bunk beds are narrow: two foot (60cm) or so; this restricts the sleeping positions. Also the mattress and springs are usually well-used. The result is that sleeping on the side is not comfortable.

Snoring is a primary consideration when sleeping in a dormitory; usually it is made worse by sleeping on the front. Hence the well-known but unsubstantiated rumour that USMC soldier recruits are trained to sleep with their hands at their sides in the position of "Attention" with the night watch empowered to correct or report those who loose discipline during their sleep. Sleeping on the side usually entails turning, which is noisy; training recruits to sleep on their backs is a practical measure to minimise noise for everyone's benefit. Research suggests that this is the position favoured by a submissive personality, as the military recommendation predates the sleep psychologist's research, it is unclear whether ordering a soldier to sleep in the position of "attention" also changes his personality to be submissive and order-loving.

Readiness for action is a primary consideration. It's perhaps an overstatement to say that military training is all about sleep deprivation and being cold and wet but the lack of sleep resulting from long watch hours and irregular opportunities for sleep produces an ability to sleep anywhere. Combat readiness training also includes being ready for action within minutes of being woken: sleeping in kit, including boots, is part of the required technique. And sleeping with a loaded rifle next to you in the bedding produces some interesting dream sequences...

Sleeping in kit also applies to Fire Service personnel when on duty: waterproof neoprene suits and and rubber boots?

Hot bunking - the practice where the same bedspace is occupied at different times by a member of a different watch - leads to other customs both designed to minimise territorial instincts. Please get in touch if you can contribute any of these of interest Click for mail screen

Prison and Borstal sleep positions

These are quotes from a Borstal group so are uncorroborated

My recollection of this was that you were expected to sleep with your arms outside of the bedding. The idea was it would keep your hands off your cock. Of course, it never really worked because through the natural course of sleeping the process would fall flat as your body would turn around in bed. If sleeping face down you would often find your hands and arms inside the bedding.

That all said and done. It was funny to witness the lads during the first few days. They would attempt to sleep as instructed, and often succeed. Only to find themselves waking with a strong erection tenting the bedding. Unsure if they should place their hands under the sheet to conceal it, they would try and pass it off as unnoticed.



In my reformatory it was of course forbidden to wank! It was consider as disobedience and bad behaviour...

How do they control ?

Just looking at you waking up... at the ring all guys forced to be inspected standing naked in front of his bed...

They just controlled if you were aroused or not... if yes no problem... just a cold shower...
If not they presumed you wanked during last night so you were punished...

How do they punish you ?

You just had to wank 3 times one after the other in front of the mates... Then you received 6 of the cane always in front of the mates... then a cold shower and 1 week nights bound hands up on your back... Being bound for sleeping is a real hard punishment...

We also had to show our sheets where they were looking for evidence of wanking... I remember once both of us - and I was in- had such
evidence... they added 2 punishment : first we had to stay naked and just keep the sheet showing the evidence on us... second : 50 of a
belt... Of course we tried not to wank...

I received this punishment let's say 10 or 12 during my time... hard humiliating... but effective...


Hospital sleep positions

Strait jacket

Patients who need to be restrained for their own protection were formerly restrained using a straitjacket. You'll find your shoulders ache quite soon from the position and that it's impossible to lie comfortably.

Humane Restraint

More recently, the products of the Humane Restraint company have been used to restrain a patient's wrists and ankles to the bed. This is similar to the US prison lockdown position that became notorious in Control Unit jails in the US in the 1980's.

Drunk cell sleep positions

Drunk cells - isolation cells - tend to have minimum facilities. The prisoner sleeps in his own filth like an animal but the cell can be cleaned out readily with a hose. There is an isolation cell at The Mountain: see A History of The Mountain Correctional Training Facility - a great American Playspace

Waking up

There are two ways of waking up: nice and nasty.




Natural awakening

Waking up still tired

Pain from piercing or tattoo whilst healing

Cock, arse tits being fondled to arousal

Pain from spiked cockstrap

Pain from chastity device constraining arousal

Pain from stripes from previous CP

Whistle, bell, electric shock

Smell of body odour or body fluid smells


Enema that started whilst asleep


Being pissed on


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CAUTION Note that sleeping face down and restrained should be monitored in case the slave chokes or encounters other breathing difficulties.

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