I, the slave number 336816 hereinafter referred to as "slave", submit, of my own free will, to MASTER __________, hereinafter referred to as "MASTER", and agree to the following terms and conditions as stated in this Contract of Slavery.

Article I
I am a slave and the owned property of my MASTER.

Article II
I agree to complete and instant obedience of any command from my MASTER.

Article III
I agree to be trained in any manner my MASTER wishes.

Article IV
I agree NOT to be used sexually until my MASTER and His slave reach a conceptual agreement.

Article V
I agree and will submit to any discipline or punishment my MASTER sees fit.
This might include, but is not limited to:
Punishment strokes, delivered in any manner my MASTER chooses; Prolonged bondage or gagging in any manner my MASTER chooses; Being forced to sleep on the floor, in chains or bondage as my MASTER sees fit; Confinement in a cage, cell or locked box; Deprivation of food or sleep; Assignment and completion of punishment tasks; Humiliation.

Article VI
I agree to put on, wear, or take off any article of clothing or instrument of bondage, at any time, at the command of my MASTER.

Article VII
I agree to be marked (using a temporary means of marking) or shaved in whatever manner and at whatever time my MASTER sees fit.

Article VIII
I agree to conform to the following behavioral specifications:
I will not sit, lie on or use the furniture without the expressed permission of the MASTER.
I will not go to the bathroom without permission from my MASTER.
I will keep myself scrupulously clean at all times.
I will not get into or out of bed without my MASTERís permission.
I will not eat or drink without the permission of my MASTER.
I shall never embarrass my MASTER in any way.
I will not engage in malicious gossip or use insulting or demeaning language towards others.
My manner and tone will be that of a slave at all times and will reflect deference to my MASTER at all times.
I will not act defensively when questioned by my MASTER.
I will never interrupt my MASTER, or others when speaking.
I will lose weight or be developed by working out to suit my MASTER.
I will not engage in sex, intimate touching, or engage in any scene without the expressed permission of my MASTER.
I will always serve the MASTER in a kneeling position, eyes downward, and holding the position until released by my MASTER.
I will tell the truth at all times.
I will inform my MASTER promptly if I break any of my MASTERís rules.

The slave agrees to these articles provided the MASTER does not expose the slave to:

-  Hazards that endanger the slave's life, like the HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted deceases.   -  Legal repercussions
-  Of His own free will, without reservation and does so under no coercion, threat or bribe.

I understand that as a slave I have no rights of revocation and that disobedience in any form will result in painful, mental and physical punishment. I, further, release the "MASTER" from any past, present, or future liability in connection with or as a result of this agreement.

I, therefore agree to, by the affixation of my signature, this Contract of Slavery and freely give myself to the "MASTER".

------------------------------------- -----------------
signature of slave # 336816 / Date