Vagevuur Adieu!

The Vagevuur is closed. RIP.

Apparently there was a TV program of the EO (Evangelische Omroep; the Protestant channel) about this institution and in the Eindhoven council a party asked whether there was a subsidised job involved as well, which was the case and that was the end of it. Apparently some windows were smashed after the broadcast.

I'm personally very sad to see the Vagevuur closed. I've enjoyed some great nights there as well as the hospitality of the Dutch hosts, some of whom stayed on after the parties to run the bed and breakfast dormitory upstairs.

My first visit was to a military night back in the days of the "old" Vagevuur", just an ordinary house in what was the the red light district of Eindhoven. Many more visits followed, including the long trek over the English Channel and up the coastal roads from Calais. Some of these are chronicled by Morgan.

Gradually the coast motorway was extended and the journey became easier. The unique quality of the Vagevuur survived its transfer to a new and larger location at the side of one of Eindhoven's freight canals. The eclectic clientele of well-informed and competent SM players continued to make the journey from outside the immediate area. Players from Bonn, Köln, Copenhagen, Lille, Paris, Newcastle, Glasgow, Madrid all made the trip specifically for the Vagevuur's welcome and unrivalled play facilities.

The murals and decor were completely unique and added to the abusive and prison style furniture in the play area downstairs. The Vagevuur was organsised on a non-profit making volunteer basis but it set the standard for many European commercial clubs. They also published hardcover books, a samsdat style magazine "Itch" and they organised and facilitated videos and DVDs. The music played in the Vagevuur club was both progressive and appreciate to the SM context, both sexually appetising and erotic. It had to compete with the noises of a true erotic pleasuredome, the cracks of whips and the screams of slaves.

Vagevuur was not only a pioneer in safe sex play but transcended its initial mission to show us how SM play can be creative and progressive. As well as parties to cater for the established fetishes - SM, bondage, corporal punishment, skinheads, military - the Vagevuur committee arranged parties on mud, medical, military, sportskit, slosh (slapstick) and many other experimental themes. Their mission became not unlike an SM University and was entirely fitting the universalistic nature of the Netherlands. It is thus all the more tragic that the Vagevuur has been closed by extreme religious action.

Thank you Vagevuur.

Rest in Peace - Requiem im Pace.

As some of you might know the Vagevuur has become the subject of negative attention from dutch national media (report in the Evangelical Broadcaster's 'Netwerk', reports in the press) for questions from the part of the populist LPF party in the Eindhoven city council. Under this external pressure, considering the possible consequences for our volunteers and visitors, the committee of the Vagevuur has concluded that continuation of our party activities is no longer possible in a responsible way.

As a result all parties are cancelled starting November 6, 2008.

The Vagevuur has played a leading role in the gay subculture for many years, a.o. in making this specific group accessible for Safe Sex education. We therefore sincerely regret we had to take this decision, and understand well this is very unpleasant for many of you.

Keep it Safe !

The Committee.

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